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Sketch of Girl Powder exhibit pieces. Courtesy of Kate Schmidt.

The Girl Powder Exhibit: Kate Schmidt’s Effort to Embrace Femininity in Outdoor Apparel

Kelsie Korinek, Contributor April 29, 2022

Each morning, after rubbing the sleep from our eyes or enjoying a hot cup of coffee, most of us pay a visit to our closets and dressers to choose an outfit that will help us carry out the day’s tasks....

The view south from the summit of Horsetooth Rock

Hiking: Building Up Our Bodies, Minds and Community

S.C. Pedroza November 16, 2021

As part of The Rocky Mountain area, Fort Collins opens the possibilities for an incredibly diverse pool of outdoor activities for anyone who desires to get active. Students from across the United States...

Launch Skatepark Creates Community For the Youth of Skateboarding in Fort Collins

Launch Skatepark Creates Community For the Youth of Skateboarding in Fort Collins

Jackson Patrick October 7, 2021

Sitting behind a tattoo parlor and a Mexican restaurant is a fairly nondescript warehouse. However, in the back, through an open garage door, you will find a room full of various obstacles such as boxes,...

Colorado State University football players tackle a player from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada during the 1981 homecoming game. (Photo via Silver Spruce)

From the Roots to the Future: a Look at CSU’s Homecoming

Aspen Flores October 7, 2021

For Colorado State University, the first few weeks in October where homecoming falls is full of excitement and festivities. In past years, streets closed off for the parade, there were a variety of events...

CSU volleyball player jumps in midair to hit the ball

CSU Athletes strive to keep the game alive during COVID-19

Samantha Ye March 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a turning point for all individuals across the world throughout this point in time. Sports have been adapting to new ways of life since the pandemic began in March of 2020,...

mountain and lake landscape

Where and How To Play Outside During COVID-19

Kevin Dwyer May 8, 2020

It's March 25, 2020. The great state of Colorado has just issued an order warning all residents to stay at home. What's the first thing you do? Apparently, if you're in Colorado you go outside immediately...

Issac Gromacki on the wall at Colorado State University. Photo by Mackenzie Pinn | College Avenue Magazine

Reaching for Success: Unity Inside the CSU Climbing Team

Anna Dunn March 4, 2020

The team begins each meeting in the children’s climbing room at their practice site, the Ascent climbing studio. About three dozen college students sit in front of a miniature climbing wall as everyone...

A Welcoming Heart: The Culture of CSU Womens Volleyball

A Welcoming Heart: The Culture of CSU Women’s Volleyball

Kailey Pickering March 4, 2020

Game after game, victory after victory — Colorado State’s very own women’s volleyball team left their mark as they took victory in almost every match played in their 2019 season. Underneath the winning...

Colorado State University football plays against University of Colorado Boulder in archival image

The Rocky Mountain Showdown’s Everlasting Legacy

Kailey Pickering October 8, 2019

Flames licked the Colorado night sky, and strips of wood melted away like wax on a candle as the fire fed greedily on the wooden building. The morning of Nov. 20, 1924, Colorado State University...

three people smile and pose outside of Canvas Stadium

What To Wear To Your Next CSU Tailgate

Maddie Steele October 8, 2019

Tailgates are best known for pre-gaming with friends, hamburgers and chicken wings, and getting pumped for the football game. But, an important part of tailgating is representing school pride. Tailgate...

a man stands with a tall saw

Axes and chainsaws: CSU Logging Team offers competition, life lessons

Guest Contributor April 26, 2019

By Austin Fleskes Long have people wondered: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, with the Colorado State University Logging Team around that question...

student looking out over Fort Collins

CSU Outdoor Program Bridges Community, the Outdoors

Annie Bush March 4, 2019

Colorado goes neck-and-neck with our fellow outdoor enthusiast state, Utah, each year in which state is ranked the healthiest in terms of activity levels. The overall health of Coloradans could have a...

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