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Recycled Fashion is on the Rise
Rob Maranville can be seen wearing bell bottoms paired with a pair of brown cowboy boots Oct. 18.
Rob Maranville can be seen wearing bell bottoms paired with a pair of brown cowboy boots Oct. 18.
Owen Primeau

At all levels, fashion tells a story. It serves as a billboard to the outside world, displaying your interests, and personality. Every cut, pattern, and fabric reveals something about the wearer and how they view the world.


Both at Colorado State University and around Fort Collins, styles widely vary between wearers. In recent years, trends revolving around vintage fashion across numerous decades have skyrocketed. The return of these unique styles serves as a reminder that fashion holds the power to stand the test of time.


As people walk the streets dressed in their favorite attire, it’s clear that the past continues to influence the fashion choices of the present. 


Colorado State University student Henry Butchart dressed in a vintage black Marlboro t-shirt with boots Oct. 18. (Owen Primeau)

From bell bottoms of the ‘60s, the wild styles present during the disco decade, or skate wear from the ‘90s, styles from all decades seem to make an appearance. CSU student Nico Kiperman said he gets a lot of inspiration in the way he dresses from musicians he listens to.                                                                                                         


“My favorite musicians allow their artistic influence to go further than the things they say and do and they dress a certain way.” Kiperman said, “There’s not one specific thing but real true vintage is making a proper comeback. People are making an active effort to seek out the better quality stuff made in the past.” 


Everyone has their own unique inspiration for their style. 


“I have a love of bell bottoms but that’s generally because they go so well with boots. I was always awestruck by movies from the ‘70s and ‘80s and the fashion choices they held in high regard as a kid,” Rob Maranville, a CSU student, said, “It never made sense why awesome things had to be taken off the racks, and if it were up to me, vintage shopping would be the only way people could have clothes.”  


In a time when fast fashion is so prominent and more and more people are looking for the next micro trend to hop on, some are taking a step back. Using the past for inspiration for outfits and self-expression. While styles are ever-changing, the vintage look appears to be here to stay.   

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