Review: Yoga Pod- Not Just A Workout


Sterling Volz

The inside of a studio at Yoga Pod March 27.

Sterling Volz, Social Media Coordinator

The bright atmosphere and engaging instructors bring inspiration and comforting energy to Yoga Pod. Instructors pass kind words and encouragement to those practicing in the sunlight rooms, which are filled from wall to wall with people of all backgrounds, skill levels, and ages. Yoga Pod thrives on five core aphorisms displayed upon entry: “breathe first, cultivate discipline, create community, honor nature, and do the right thing.” 


Located on 3300 S. College Ave in Fort Collins, Yoga Pod is a yoga franchise with origins in Gainesville, Florida. With over 10 locations nationwide and five in Colorado, Yoga Pod provides classes suited to everyone. From a more relaxing and light movement class such as zen, to classes that really get participants moving like podfit, everyone can find their place at Yoga Pod. 


Upon entrance, attendees are greeted by smiling faces which welcome and produce a sense of trust. Newcomers are shown the ropes, given a full tour, shown where the equipment is, asked questions, and are thoroughly knowledgeable of everything they need by the start of the session. Yoga Pod uses many different accessories in their classes and ensures that participants know that while they do not have to step out of their comfort zones, they are encouraged to go to the next step if possible. Beginner, intermediate and advanced positions are shown to those practicing with varying levels of expertise. 


Anyone who starts yoga for physical reasons starts to experience so many other benefits immediately. Whether they set out for mental health or emotional health, or not, those benefits sneak their way in regardless.

— Jana Stratton


The current studio manager, Jana Stratton, provides insight into life as not only a manager but also an instructor. With 12 years of yoga practice under her belt, she recognizes it is important to remember that everyone starts somewhere for many different reasons. “Anyone who starts yoga for physical reasons starts to experience so many other benefits immediately,” Stratton says. “Whether they set out for mental health or emotional health, or not, those benefits sneak their way in regardless.”  


Yoga increases flexibility and strength while also targeting balance. Different yoga disciplines can progress toward different goals. At Yoga Pod, the selection of classes ranges from soothing injury to focusing on cardio as well. To cultivate different atmospheres, the music selection in each class ranges. Some have more intense soundtracks while others have subtle, calm music to ease the mind. 


Yoga Pod’s mission statement in the front if the studio March 27. (Sterling Volz)

The health benefits that come from yoga are helpful for everyday life, but so is having a supportive community. The Yoga Pod community consists of like-minded individuals that both practice together and share life’s excitement. 


“Yoga Pod keeps people coming back because everyone feels safe and welcome there,” Stratton says. “It’s because when they walk in, someone knows their name.” 


The community that Yoga Pod has to offer is attributed to knowing not only the instructors but fellow attendees as well. Relationships are formed through a class where individuals are able to share a common interest and continue to grow through everyday life. 





Newer attendees at Yoga Pod are welcomed with open arms by recurring members; to talk with before class starts, help with equipment, and are shown where the best spot to put their mat is. The cultivated members are eager to talk with the new faces of the class, showing a sense of pride for the community that Yoga Pod is. 


“It’s so neat to see the relationships come together,” Stratton says. “Before you know it, we see them on social media having dinner with other students, which is so fun… at Yoga Pod, the community is at the heart of everything we do… I truly believe that having a community is the essence of living a joyful and healthy life.”


As one of Yoga Pod’s core values is the community, it does not go without notice that the instructors take this seriously and want to welcome not only those practicing but their lives as well. Those practicing feel more confident going into a studio where they are allowed to bring every part of themselves, good and bad. 


“We have community potlucks, and happy hours, and just so many different ways to get people together outside of the studio,” Stratton says. 


Yoga Pod has so many beneficial class opportunities as well as free classes on the east lawn next to their studio all summer long. Yoga Pod also offers an internship position for those seeking classes in exchange for a few hours of help a week around their studio. Information about the outdoor classes will be posted on their social media accounts at @yogapodfortcollins.