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A Musical Guide to Destressing During Finals

In collaboration with KCSU

Thousands of students around Colorado State University are beginning to prepare for what is easily one of the most stressful weeks of the semester, finals week. Whether you’re taking an excess amount of naps, drinking countless energy drinks, or losing sleep studying late into the night, allow ‘KCSU’s Stress-Free Tunes’ playlist to be just the thing you need to destress during finals.


KCSU and College Avenue have collaborated to make a stress-free playlist complete with all your favorite jazz tunes and instrumental soundtracks long enough to last you through all the tough hours of studying. 


‘KCSU’s Stress-Free Tunes ’ features songs from soothing genres, including; lo-fi, jazz, and instrumental. A quick look into the playlist will reveal 17 hours of soothing instrumentals, classical music, exciting jazz, and movie soundtracks such as La La Land. Hand-selected by KCSU’s music department, there’s something for everyone.


“Fast-paced instrumentals help me focus best while completing my assignments because there’s no distraction from lyrics, and since the music is fast, it makes me work faster,” CSU freshman, Angela Palacios said. “As a STEM major, I’m constantly studying and music is one of the best things that helps me relax.” 

Dr. Emma Gray conducted a study for the streaming service Spotify,  showing that playing music within the 50 to 80-beat range puts the brain allowing for more alpha brain waves allowing you to boost concentration and alertness. Many instrumentals fall under this category of 50 to 80 beats per minute which is why they are so effective for focus.

 As students, we are constantly finding ways to destress. Finals week can be a difficult challenge and the help of ‘KCSU’s Stress-Free Tunes’, may ease some of the tension that comes with the week of finals.

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