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Illustration by Kennedy Merrion

Music and Movies of Mary Jane

Owen Primeau, Contributer April 17, 2024

Few substances have left a mark on pop culture the way marijuana has. From its depiction in films to its celebration in music, weed has been a staple in the zeitgeist for generations.    Marijuana...

Super Chexx table hockey game Jan. 29.

High Scores and Critical Hits

Owen Primeau, Photographer February 21, 2024

Prior to an era dominated by smartphones and advanced gaming consoles, people sought creative ways to indulge in games and test their skills. In contrast to the modern nature of television-centered entertainment,...

Photo courtesy of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Haunting Tales and Vintage Frights

Audrey Donow, Writer February 21, 2024

With the rise of Stephen King and the success of movies like John Carpenter’s “Halloween” (1978), horror quickly became a staple of the 1970s.    Over the years, the horror craze has...

Illustration by Tessa Glowacki

From Page to Screen: “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”

Mia Anguiano-Perez, Writer December 12, 2023

 In 2008, author Suzanne Collins created what is sure to be considered a dystopian classic. The Hunger Games explores issues of classism, war, and oppression, all through the lens of young adult (YA)...

Ben Eberle, Jacob Maestas, Ethan Christi, and Hays Bruce of local band People in General open for boy pablo at the Aggie Theatre Nov. 5, 2021.

In Tune with History: The Aggie Theater’s Enduring Legacy

Alexis Freudenthal, Content Editor September 25, 2023

Located on 204 S College Ave., sits a landmark institution of Fort Collins and Colorado State University alike. The Aggie Theater, nicknamed “The Aggie”, has been around for over a century, with numerous...

A wall of records decorates the Ace Gilletts bar along with a neon sign and chandeliers over the booths.

Ace Gillett’s Lounge: Where Music and Community Flow From Underground

Sasha Beran-Hughes, Visual Editor February 22, 2023

As one descends the stairs into the basement of The Armstrong Hotel, they begin to hear the swell of music in their ears. They then enter a dimly-lit lounge filled with ornate furniture, chandeliers, vinyl...

The crowd at The Comedy Fort waits for the show to start.

Funny You Mention That: A Closer Look at the FoCo Comedy Scene

Cassidy DuFore Payne, Contributor February 22, 2023

After walking through the door of The Comedy Fort, the warm air almost immediately takes the edge off the cold, crisp Fort Collins night. The moody lighting of the lobby shines on laughing faces sipping...

Maddie Engeman inside the Costume Design Shop at Colorado State University.

Behind the Curtain: The Dedication and Passion That Transforms the Theater

Kailey Pickering, Editor-in-Chief February 22, 2023

The auditorium fills with excitement as audience members trickle in. Conversations brew as anticipation for the show builds. Soon the lights go down and chatter in the auditorium ceases as all attention...

Geneva Hein performs Party in the U.S.A. at The Lyrics weekly Karaoke Club while Alex Forbes hosts.

Karaoke Club: Belting Lyrics at The Lyric

Macy Taylor, Contributor February 22, 2023

There are three rules at Karaoke Club. One, you don't talk about Karaoke Club. Two, always tip your bartenders double. And three, if it's your first time at Karaoke Club, you must sing.   Every...

A skeeball machine lit up in Pinball Jones

Best of CSU Entertainment

Best of CSU Staff February 24, 2021

Best Live Concert Venue: Aggie Theatre The Aggie Theatre is a historic, classic site in Fort Collins. Adored by many, the Aggie has been in business for over 100 years, going from a furniture store,...

Nostalgia at Risk: How COVID-19 Has Affected Local Roller Rink Rollerland

Nostalgia at Risk: How COVID-19 Has Affected Local Roller Rink Rollerland

Anna Dunn May 4, 2020

Social isolation has introduced many problems for small business owners across the nation. Stores struggle to find creative solutions that can follow health and safety guidelines while also getting some...

The Mystic Counterculture of Fort Collins: Tarot, Divination, and More

The Mystic Counterculture of Fort Collins: Tarot, Divination, and More

Kevin Dwyer March 13, 2020

The occult, divination and ancient Egyptian knowledge all play a part in the history of the tarot. This mysterious and often misunderstood deck of cards was originally used to play a game like Bridge or...

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