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top view of table with food with many people reaching for the food

Creating a Community: Communal Living Steps Out of the Comfort Zone

Katie Mitchell September 28, 2018

The first time I wore mascara was the day I left for Girl Scout camp when I was 7.  I went to sleep-away camp alone. I was sad and nervous and intimidated by the girls who decided to go with their friends....

upper view of an acai bowl smoothie topped with blueberries and granola

Açaí Bowls Put the Power in ‘Power Bowls’

Katie Mitchell September 5, 2018

Deep in the Brazilian Amazon basin, a berry peaks out from its palms. At a closer look, the purple delicacy seems to be a cross between a grape and blueberry and begs to be tasted. The açaí plant, pronounced...

Piled high, the Prestige sandwich at the Gold Leaf gets creative with fried lion’s mane and pickles. Photo credit: Benjamin Chang

The Gold Leaf Collective

Katie Mitchell February 1, 2018
The story behind Fort Collins' first 100% vegan restaurant.
three cups of coffee from above

Coffee, the Frienemy of Many

Katie Mitchell September 28, 2017
Coffee can be a life saver and s stressor, depending on how you use it.
mango slices

Food Is Here To Give You Energy and Save Your Skin

Katie Mitchell September 13, 2017
Healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up and your skin clear every day.
Cusco, Peru is nestled into the Andes mountains. This could be a study abroad option for you or your significant other! Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Away From My Love, Help!

Katie Mitchell August 30, 2017
Being away from your significant other while they study abroad can always be hard. We've compiled a list of ideas to help!
At this shrine, the bowls of water represent clarity, the flame represents being present in the moment and the flowers are a reminder of beauty whilst meditating. Photo credit: Nikhil Puri

A Deeper Look Into Meditation

Katie Mitchell August 29, 2017
As a new school year begins, new practices are often put into play. For some, it might be starting a meditative practice.
Studying for finals can be very consuming, make sure to stay hydrated and practice self-care. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

5 Tips For Self-Care During Finals Week

Katie Mitchell May 8, 2017
Finals week is seen as hell week -- but you can make it better by taking care of yourself.
Girl Scout troop 60606 packing a van for their camping trip Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Raising Brave Girls

Katie Mitchell April 25, 2017
Girl Scouts are striving to change the conversation about how we are raising young girls, and you can too.
social media icons on a phone screen

Scrubbing Your Social Media

Katie Mitchell April 18, 2017
Scrubber is a company with one goal: to get you hired after graduation.
The Blue Sky Breakfast waffle is piled high with eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

The Waffle Lab: Best Waffles in Fort Collins?

Katie Mitchell April 12, 2017
This restaurant creates liege waffle creations unmatched anywhere else in Fort Collins.
Dancers perform at the International Dance Event. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

COISA: Godmother to Colorado State University’s International Clubs

Katie Mitchell March 28, 2017
The Council of International Student Affairs, or COISA, is an organization on campus operating as the main support network for international clubs.
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