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Away From My Love, Help!

Cusco, Peru is nestled into the Andes mountains. This could be a study abroad option for you or your significant other! Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Dear College Avenue,

My significant other is studying abroad this semester. I’m going to miss them so much, but at the same time I’m so happy they are doing what they love and traveling the world. Help! What do I do?

Nervous and Excited (for them)

Dear Nervous and Excited,

So your significant other is studying abroad while you stay at home, huh? Studying abroad can be the best semester (or year) of their college experience. We understand you want to make sure they have as much fun as possible, while still staying in a committed relationship with you.

Chris Maggio, a second year English major at Colorado State University, was in a long distance relationship this past year. “Long distance was hard, but I found that it was important to me to make sure she had the freedom she wanted because our relationship was built on trust. We Skyped a lot, and that helped,” Maggio said.

Have no fear brave student, College Avenue is here! We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you get through the semester apart from each other, while still staying in a happy, healthy relationship.

  • Keep busy. While your partner is out traveling, you can devote more time to clubs, events and activities (like football games at CSU’s new stadium)! This is a perfect time to pursue your own interests.
  • Whatsapp. This app is for communicating without piling-up roaming charges on your partner’s end. Score! Texting is a life saver while over seas, and Conversations can continue any time they reach another pocket of wifi. And the nice part is, it operates just like texting.
  • Set up Skype dates. This is a very personal decision and depends on many factors: their availability, your availability, wifi, time zones, you get the point. Face to face communication can be a gift on dreary days, so try to find a time that works, even if it takes some rescheduling.
  • Sync-watch movies together. We know it sounds crazy, but stick with us here. Gaze, among many other programs, allows people to share their screens and watch movies at the same time. This works even when you’re across the world from each other. Setting up a time to watch your favorite movie together can be bonding on especially lonely nights.


  • Go visit! Spend the semester they are away saving money. By the time classes are over, and break is here, you’ll have saved enough to go visit them in the place they have spent so much time. Your significant other might even consider it a second home after their time becoming immersed in the culture. (Note: this may be a tad harder if they are participating in Semester At Sea due to the whole, “106 Days, 11 Countries, 13 Cities, 4 Continents” in one-semester deal.)
  • Last of all, keep your chin up. They’ll come home in a few short months with stories that blew their minds and will blow yours as well. You’ve got this!

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Interested in studying abroad yourself? Stop by the Education Abroad office on the Oval to explore your options to travel to almost any country of your choosing.

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