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Food Is Here To Give You Energy and Save Your Skin

Photo by AI FENG Hsiung on Unsplash

Your skin is breaking out, classes are hard, you’re always tired and you just got a parking ticket. This is not your week. We would like to introduce solutions to at least two* of these problems: Food.

Food can help or hinder your health. The good news is, it is so easy to bring food to school that provides you with energy and clear skin. And you can find them at any grocery store!


To achieve boosts of energy throughout the day, your answer is snacks! Adrenal snacks are great to keep up energy as you dominate your day to day activities.

Adrenal glands? Say what?

Adrenal glands are what release adrenaline and they live above your kidneys. In order to keep these glands producing adrenaline, at a healthy rate, you have to feed them foods they enjoy! These combinations of foods are great on the go snacks and will curb your hunger as well.

  • Cut up celery, dates and apple slices will be an easy snack to bring with you to munch on while walking to class.
  • Coconut water, celery and dried apricots. A little sip with a nibble of both will curb any hunger and fatigue you feel throughout the day.
  • Mangos, figs and celery. The three of these eaten together will make you invincible. With these snacks under your belt, nothing can get you down.


Healthy, glowing skin is always a challenge. One week your skin routine works, the next week your face is rebelling against you. Keeping your body fed with foods rich in beta-carotene will help your skin stay constantly happy.

What is beta-carotene?

Beta-carotene converts itself into vitamin A doses your body can handle, since the you cannot process large doses of the vitamin. One of the reasons for healthy skin is vitamin A, and because we want the vitamin helping us out, we feed ourselves large doses of beta-carotene for our bodies convert into as much vitamin A as it can handle at one time. These foods can help you achieve the healthiest skin possible:

  • Mangoes, papayas, sweet potatoes and leafy greens. Other foods that make for yummy snacks are raspberries and colorful melon varieties.
  • To get these all in one easy swoop, try making them into a smoothie. Combining coconut water, mangoes, some leafy greens, a teaspoon of hawaiian spirulina (which also helps boost energy!) and some strawberries will have you set for the day. Healthy skin, here you come.

*Solutions for other problems you might face throughout your day: Drive slower and watch out for bikers while on your way to class. Good luck!

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