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Scrubbing Your Social Media

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash
Scrubber infographic
How America (Mis)Behaves Online, a view of the statistics behind the language and references in American social media. Photo credit:

Scrubber is a company with one goal: to get you hired after graduation. Their product to get you there? A full social media scrub down. They search all of your accounts for mentions of drugs, alcohol, vulgar words, and “check ins” at places such as Las Vegas or a strip club.

Company founder and CEO, Ryan Angilly, wants everyone to know that, “Scrubber isn’t about political correctness, nor is it about censorship. It is simply a way to clean up your social media history to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.”

There is no shame in using social media however you want, but sometimes there is a need for a little clean up. And that is what Scrubber is here to do.

This Colorado start up is based out of Denver and operates on a fairly simple system. Users are given a free report after linking their social media accounts to the website. This report includes all of their posts with swear words, alcohol and drug references and check in points. After receiving the report, users have the option to pay for a package that allows them access to each post in order to mute the post, delete the post, untag themselves…you get the point.

There are multiple packages, ranging from services providing a simple clean up, all the way to having a person sit down and go through every photo you are tagged in and have ever posted, looking for any inappropriate images.

Scrubber is a fairly new company, it was founded in the summer of 2014. At the time, Angilly’s girlfriend was in law school and worried about her social media presence, as were many other new graduates in his life. During the same time period, the app “Time Hop” had been released, “crystalizing the concept” for Angilly.

Social Networks Scrubber
The social networks Scrubber can operate with: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. Photo credit:


The tech wizard found that with the great power of social media came great responsibility, and it can come crashing down on you at the most inopportune times. He decided to create Scrubber because, “people grow a lot in their younger years, and it isn’t about hiding who you are or putting up a false face. It’s about making sure a couple of silly mistakes in your youth don’t bite you in the butt.”

Scrubber clean up options
Scrubber was created in order to help clean up the social media accounts of young graduates to help them get the job of their dreams. Photo credit:

This easy to operate tool has made an impact on the college scene around the United States. Most of the 50,000 people that have used Scrubber since 2014 have been recent college graduates.

There are anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 users a month and the number is growing as more college students become aware of the website.

Angilly’s message to Colorado State University Rams?

“You should never be ashamed of who you are. Everyone could use a little help putting their best foot forward and that’s what Scrubber is for.”

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