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Coffee, the Frienemy of Many

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Coffee, water, air; all necessary components of life.

Coffee serves as a lifeblood to many people around the world, the intense flavors and more intense levels of caffeine in each sip are addictive, to say the least.

This drink of the gods is grown from a bean which is capable of growing all around the world. Though the most popular regions for coffee farms are in Latin America, South East Asia and various countries in Africa. Each and every farm will produce their own unique flavor and will entice you with their backstories.

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Hipsters will profess their love for a cup of joe brewed in an Aeropress, while others are happy with their morning cup coming from an instant machine. The culture behind a cup of straight black coffee has evolved from the need for a boost in the morning to a matter of pride. The prestige is held at a level that many hold wine, there are even coffee “cuppings” you can attend where you’ll learn to aerate your drink.

Time after time, coffee has weathered many “frou-frou” drinks it is often combined with. These drinks are usually 3 parts sugar, one part coffee, and feed an even thirstier addiction for trying the new best thing. Abby Cowley, a biology major at Colorado State University, enjoys these sugary drinks, “I tried mochas and I really liked them because they didn’t taste like coffee, they’re chocolatey!”

For those of us trying to quit this drink and live our lives without this rich boost each morning, the withdrawals can be rough. Symptoms can include headaches, mental fogginess, muscle fatigue and irritability.

Trying to quit coffee without experiencing these withdrawal symptoms? Try easing off with a highly caffeinated tea (black tea, green tea) start buying teas with less and less caffeine until you’re caffeine free.

If you are not trying to quit (which, why would you?!) and want coffee running through your body like blood, make sure to head over to one of our many coffee shops on campus. Diana Litzenberger, an animal sciences major at CSU, felt her allegiances change when it came to on-campus coffee shops. “I used to go to Starbucks sometimes, but now we come here [Sweet Sinsations], for their mochas,” Litzenberger said. On campus coffee shops are located in the Lory Student Center, Morgan Librabry and Behavioral Science Building.

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