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woman wearing a black dress over an olive cardigan with grey pearls

Do You Have a Bohemian Style?

Kelly Peterson December 5, 2018

    Google defines "bohemian" as “socially unconventional, artistic people and the areas they frequent.” How does the Fort Collins community define bohemia, bohemian style and the bohemian...

star shaped chocolates in a white sectioned plate

Nuance Chocolate Sends Tasters on a Sensory Expedition

Kelly Peterson November 6, 2018

Fort Collins paves the way to make chocolate tasting expeditions happen. The experience of eating chocolate is special and involves each of the senses: vision, smell, sound and taste. Plus, this particular...

English Professor Deborah Dimon sits for a portrait after giving her time explaining poetrys purpose, especially what it means to her. (Kelly Peterson | College Avenue)

CSU English Professors Encourage Students to Value Poetry

Kelly Peterson October 3, 2018

“I do wish that poetry was more recognized as an integral part of our culture, yes. But the irony is that poetry is already a part of our culture,” 20-year Colorado State University professor Deborah...

Impulse Dance and Fitness logo

‘Join the Beat’ at Impulse Dance and Fitness

Kelly Peterson September 10, 2018

National Dance Day grandly opened an adult dance and fitness studio only a couple of blocks away from Colorado State University. Dancers shook the ground as they danced the day away, a vibrant recognition...

Emily Bistany, Director of Shift, the kitchen, and female staff, smiling in front of the office off of Mulberry.

Camp Timberline Embodies the Spirit of Mountain Adventure

Kelly Peterson September 4, 2018

Have you heard of Mulberry Street in Fort Collins? Well if you have, you also probably have driven by the office of Camp Timberline. Big bold letters mark the spot. Camp Timberline’s home base is here...

brightly colored illustrations of a brown-skinned girl, pink hippo, orange lion, and zebra

CSU Student Co-Publishes Children’s Book About Loving One’s Differences

Kelly Peterson May 1, 2018

Throughout Colorado State University’s CSUnity conversation, a common theme has surfaced: do not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Go out and be a part of the action stemming from these conversations. CSU...

Chad _ wears traditional dress at the Native American Cultural Centers heritage month celebration.

The Native American Cultural Center Leaves a Footprint on Campus

Kelly Peterson April 25, 2018

“We’re all like a family,” Tiffani Kelly said, a 2012 and 2014 graduate of Colorado State University. Kelly is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the assistant director of the Native...

Climbers say their feet are the most important support when they are ascending. Trusting the legs can be the difference between falling and not falling. Photo credit: Kelly Peterson

CSU’s Rec Outdoor Program ‘Rocks On’

Kelly Peterson April 19, 2018

Colorado State University's Campus Recreation has an opportunity called the Outdoor Program which offers all sorts of training, day trips and week-long trips. Back-country skiing, snowshoeing, hikes...

Cam the Ram

Ram Handlers Take Care of Cam on and off the Stage

Kelly Peterson April 18, 2018
Get the inside scoop on a volunteer who goes with CAM to many of his events.
The CSU Fair Trade Club gives out free pins, stickers, and tea bags when they have a table at events. Photo credit: Kelly Peterson

CSU’s Fair Trade Club Is Getting Fort Collins Certified

Kelly Peterson March 23, 2018
What does it mean to be Fair Trade certified and what can students do to support it?
Arianna Preuss holds her personal service animal, a sugar glider

Meet Zaboo: An Emotional Support Sugar Glider

Kelly Peterson February 20, 2018
Find out how these fluffy fellows can transform the counseling world.
air plant on windowsill

Air Plants May Be the Houseplant of Your Dreams

Kelly Peterson December 4, 2017
Air plants do not require a green thumb. First off, no soil needed. Second of all, they do not die from overwatering.
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