CSU’s Rec Outdoor Program ‘Rocks On’


Climbers say their feet are the most important support when they are ascending. Trusting the legs can be the difference between falling and not falling. Photo credit: Kelly Peterson

Kelly Peterson

Grant Williams was one of the Outdoor Program’s leaders that attended the April 8 climbing trip. He is climbing the route called, “Liberty.” Photo credit: Kelly Peterson

Colorado State University’s Campus Recreation has an opportunity called the Outdoor Program which offers all sorts of training, day trips and week-long trips. Back-country skiing, snowshoeing, hikes to Rocky Mountain National Park and rock climbing are all examples of trips that CSU students can take advantage of.

Equipment and transportation are included in the price. Speaking of price, it is typically around $20. But of course, that will vary depending on the trip you decide to join.

One example of a trip was the climbing adventure that happened on April 8, 2018. The climbers left at 10 a.m. and arrived back on campus at 6 p.m. The trip even included a full run-down about climbing safely.

Freshman civil engineering student at CSU, Sami Fischer, said, “it felt great to get to climb outside after being stuck indoors all winter and on top of that, I got to discover a beautiful new climbing spot and meet awesome people.” Fischer also attended a snowshoeing trip and plans to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park trip.

These Outdoor Program trips are a great way to try new things and visit new places, while it being low-key and safe.