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The outdoor seating area of The Exchange Sept. 7.

Mile High Romance: 5 Fort Collins Establishments that are an Absolute Must for Date Night

Alli Price, Writer September 25, 2023

Tired of staying in and ordering takeout all the time? Looking for a way to spice up your night out in Fort Collins? Check out these five unique places on your next date night with your better half, core...

Cusco, Peru is nestled into the Andes mountains. This could be a study abroad option for you or your significant other! Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Away From My Love, Help!

Katie Mitchell August 30, 2017
Being away from your significant other while they study abroad can always be hard. We've compiled a list of ideas to help!
Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

Eat, Pray, Text

Katie Mitchell March 22, 2017
Staying in contact is as easy as pie, while getting space from a person is harder than ever.
ask AJ an advice column* you probably shouldnt follow my advice

Ask AJ – Relationships

AJ Frankson March 6, 2017

DISCLAIMER: This advice probably shouldn't actually be followed, but you should read it anyway because it's funny. How do I impress a pretty girl in my class? Step 1: show up to class dressed exactly...

Date Night written in script font against a black background

10 Dates To Go on Instead Dinner and a Movie

SRodriguez February 28, 2017
No shade to the classic dinner and a movie, but it never hurts to mix up the old routine with an adventure or two.
close up of rows of chocolate heart boxes

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Jenna Fischer February 9, 2016

The switch is almost instantaneous. As soon as the Christmas decorations come off the shelves in the store, they are replaced with rows of sappy cards, plush teddy bears holding pillow hearts, boxes of...

Condom on a banana.

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex

Erin Douglas October 9, 2015

Sex has historically been a very complex issue in America. Sex: Referring to biological gender, it formed a basis for mass discrimination against women largely until the civil rights movement (and a case...

couple sitting on a park bench

The Guide To Dating Post Graduation

Alexandrea Rager May 15, 2015

You are graduating. It is time to say goodbye to Tinder and Grindr and it’s time to stop sending naughty Snapchats and kind of flattering but mostly creepy Yaks about the girl in the library basement. Now,...

Photo by Domingo Alvarez E on Unsplash

Learning the Lingo

Sarah Hansen February 19, 2015

Our generation is no stranger when it comes to the random words and terms of endearment found scattered all across the Internet. Sometimes it can get confusing keeping track of all this relationship lingo....

Gender Politics of the Friend Zone graphic. Created by Anne-Marie Kottenstette.

Gender Politics of the “Friend Zone”

Hunter Goddard February 18, 2015

We have all heard the expression, “Nice guys finish last,” but enough people believe this to be true that it is becoming an issue in society. Some men believe that women friend zone them because women...

Photo by Thomas Kinto on Unsplash. Heart illustrations added.

In It for the Long Haul: Making Long-Distance Relationships Last

Sarah Hansen February 17, 2015

Long distance relationships can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re a rookie to the entire “1,000 miles apart” dilemma.  Although recent advances in technology and social media have definitely...

The rainbow flag, a symbol of LGBTQ pride, waving in the wind

LGBTQ Relationships: Breaking Out of Labels

Erin Douglas February 16, 2015

Misconceptions, lies and rumors have infiltrated LGBTQ relationships throughout the 21st century, but gender roles and sexuality within these relationships have been widely misunderstood. “LGBTQ relationships...

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