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Participants in the event Slow Waltz , led by Sergei Driga, from Russia. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)

Rebranding Tradition: International Students Make CSU Feel Like Home

S.C. Pedroza October 7, 2021

It’s close to midnight on a day like any other, as you find yourself walking through the university apartments west of campus. You pass a window and get a sneak peek to the inside: There’s a group...

woman standing in front of colosseum

8 Safety Tips for Female Travelers Going on an Alternative Spring Break

Claire Oliver March 8, 2019

Spring break is a time for rest, relaxation and travel. Alternative spring breaks have become a popular way for students to connect to the world in new and exciting ways. Students can travel to places...

The Ducal Palace is one of Urbinos cultural highlights and can be visible throughout the city. (Nicole Towne | College Avenue)

La Vita Dolce: Peace of Mind and a Bowl of Spaghetti

Nicole Towne September 18, 2018

It’s a late August afternoon. Lunch is over, but dinner hasn’t begun yet. I’m hungry, I make my way over to the Lory Student Center to get something to eat. I order tomato soup and a grilled cheese...

backpack, boots, and CSU cap

3 Tips for Planning a Super Last Minute Spring Break

APotter March 7, 2018

The people who are truly dedicated to spring break are the ones who plan a year in advance. But not everyone can plan that early in advance, so a last-minute spring break is a reality for many Colorado...

El Camino de Santiago: My Pilgrimage Walking 566 Miles Across Northern Spain

El Camino de Santiago: My Pilgrimage Walking 566 Miles Across Northern Spain

Jenna Fischer February 23, 2018

Thirty days. Five hundred sixty-six miles. One incredible journey. In August 2017, I walked across the entire width of Spain from the French border to the Atlantic Ocean on the ancient pilgrimage route...

Hostels are a great place to meet other travelers from all around the world. Poc-Na Hostel in Isla Mujeres, Mexico displays the flags of many different countries on the ceiling. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

What People Do Not Tell You About Hostels

Jenna Fischer February 21, 2018

It is 3 a.m. You are lying wide awake in a dorm room with 20 other people in a wobbly bunk bed with scratchy sheets and a blanket of questionable cleanliness. The guy in the bunk above you is snoring so...

A young child raises his hand to a group of entertainers on stilts before the opening ceremonies of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Manama, Bahrain. Photo by: Tony Villalobos May

Capturing Moments While on the Road

TVillalobos February 12, 2018

The photos you see here are not meant to be the most spectacular images ever seen. They are not meant to be technically perfect or life-changing. They are intended to stimulate the imagination. Whether...

An United States of America passport laying on a world map. Photo credit: Erik Fideor

What You Need To Know Before Applying for Your First U.S. Passport

EFideor February 6, 2018

For starters, it is good to know there are actually different kinds of passports that allow for varying kinds of travel. A passport card, for example, is a less expensive alternative that permits holders...

The front steps of a classroom in Sin Chai village

Your Pics With African Children Do Not Make You Cultured

Lexi Elio January 29, 2018

“This one’s my favorite, where he’s pulling the wrapper over his face,” my travel companion gushes. She shows me the photos taken from our brief stop at a school while trekking through Sapa, Vietnam,...

Photo by Davis Bonner

Where To Ski Within Two Hours of Fort Collins

Jallen November 27, 2017

The time has come to put away your swimsuits and sunscreen in exchange for your puff jackets and snowboards. Colorado is home to some of the most renowned ski resorts, making it a popular hub for residents,...

Bacharach, Germany, a small town

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Studying Abroad

AJ Frankson September 5, 2017

There are only so many things that you can do and experience where you live. Only so many people you can talk to. Only so many different variations of your day. Only so many times you can get drunk on...

Cusco, Peru is nestled into the Andes mountains. This could be a study abroad option for you or your significant other! Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Away From My Love, Help!

Katie Mitchell August 30, 2017

Dear College Avenue, My significant other is studying abroad this semester. I'm going to miss them so much, but at the same time I'm so happy they are doing what they love and traveling the world. Help!...

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