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A young girl sits on her father’s shoulders as they walk the lit streets of Old Town Fort Collins, Nov 5. The streets were crowded with people enjoying the open shops and the holiday lights.  (Sophia Stern | The Collegian

Opinion: Local Businesses Light Up Fort Collins

Jackson Patrick November 5, 2021 Check out CTV'S video to learn more about this event.   Editor's Note: The following article is an opinion article. When the weather gets cold and the...

Maddie Steele modeling a cool outfit

Dress Down: The Fashion Future Is Fluid

Maddie Steele February 6, 2020

It’s 2019, the revolutionary year that has taken a step towards equality and acceptance. Although we have culturally opened a wide range of multiple gender identities, there are still issues within the...

two THC bathbombs

THC Bath Bombs: Relaxation After Stressful Midterms

Jayla Hodge November 28, 2018

From food to beauty products, there is an endless amount of innovative marijuana items on the market. But, there’s now a cannabis product that could find an unlikely home: your bathtub. As popular...

top view of table with food with many people reaching for the food

Creating a Community: Communal Living Steps Out of the Comfort Zone

Katie Mitchell September 28, 2018

The first time I wore mascara was the day I left for Girl Scout camp when I was 7.  I went to sleep-away camp alone. I was sad and nervous and intimidated by the girls who decided to go with their friends....

Oreganos Pizza Bistro just opened next to the Target on College Ave. (Ashley Potts | Collegian)

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro Gives Customers a ‘Homie’ Experience

Arlee Walls September 13, 2018

Fort Collins is making history as the first city outside of Arizona to open an Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, and it’s easy to understand why this restaurant will gain the same level of popularity as it has...

Casey Martinez, art history major at CSU, models her makeup look. Photo credit: Tony Villalobos May

Make-Up Does Not Make You Any Less of a Feminist

CMartinez February 13, 2018
Why I am a feminist with and without makeup.
paper cranes

A Peaceful World Begins at the Base: Ourselves

Kelly Peterson December 1, 2017
There are many examples of peace you can demonstrate in your daily life.
The mountains and road reflected in this car mirror represent lifes journey. Photo credit: Kelly Peterson

The Power of Photography

Kelly Peterson November 16, 2017
Images can wrench our guts or make us cry because hands down, a picture is worth a thousand words. Do you go beyond the surface?
ask AJ an advice column* you probably shouldnt follow my advice

Ask Aj About News

AJ Frankson October 9, 2017
What to do about the insane current events and political climate.
Flatliners movie poster

Thinking About Seeing Flatliners? Here Is What You Need To Know

ECarrington October 3, 2017
Need a saturday night movie? Flatliners is your best bet this weekend.
ask AJ an advice column* you probably shouldnt follow my advice

Ask Aj About the Cold Weather

AJ Frankson October 2, 2017

DISCLAIMER: This advice probably shouldn’t actually be followed, but you should read it anyway because it’s funny. I left all my cold weather clothes at home, but it got cold so fast! What do I do? One...

ask AJ an advice column* you probably shouldnt follow my advice

Ask Aj About Friends

AJ Frankson September 25, 2017
We all have those friends who give us problems. Ask Aj tells you how to solve them.
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