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Sing It Loud and Sing It Clear, Christmas Is Almost Here

Christmas tree

The essential holiday playlist that will get you in the spirit this season.

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Does this even really need an explanation? It is only the single most iconic Christmas song of our generation, let alone performed by the queen of 90s pop, Mariah Carey (even though she had a cringe-worthy New Year’s Eve performance and nauseating 2014 Christmas Rockefeller Special…we do not talk about that). This song has been featured in several traditional holiday movies, such as the British staple Love Actually, not to mention it is nearly impossible to resist singing along to. While Christmas might not be your favorite holiday, this song is essential to every winter playlist.

Last Christmas by Wham!

Because even though Christmas can be magical, great and full of wonder, we have all had that one holiday season which just flat out sucked. Whether it be a lousy lover or a careless companion, there has always been a Christmas that could not end fast enough. And if you are one of those weird people who just dislike Christmas in general, it is a nice way to be reminded that you are not completely crazy for hating the holidays (even though you really are).

Jingle Bell Rock by ???

I do not think anyone really knows who wrote this song, especially since there are at least 80 different renditions of it that play on KOSI 101.1. But you have to admit that no matter who sings it, it is still a total bop. Not to mention that it is impossible to listen to without getting up and flawlessly performing the Mean Girls talent show dance that everyone knows (even if you refuse to admit it).

White Christmas by Drifters

Though the original is more of a slower Christmas fundamental, this upbeat rendition is way better. The catchy beat and unique voices of The Drifters gives the song a fun twist to help get you into the spirit of the season. And you have to admit that the bouncy tune of the third verse gets stuck in your head for days every time you hear it.

Santa Baby by Marilyn Monroe

Though Eartha Kitt was a 1950’s legend, the rendition by Marilyn Monroe gives the song a little bit of a fun risque feel. Though Monroe is hardly a musical icon, the song is a true bop that makes you want to pour a glass of wine, throw a big fluffy scarf around your neck and buy some diamonds or something.

The entire Michael Buble Christmas album 

Even though it was released over 5 years ago, this entire CD was and remains an eternal blessing to mankind. Buble’s hearty voice and natural soul make him a perfect Christmas icon, and what better way to watch the snowfall than to wrap yourself in a blanket, make some hot chocolate and listen to an entire CD of all your favorite songs sung by a real-life angel?

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