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Launch Skatepark Creates Community For the Youth of Skateboarding in Fort Collins

Launch Skatepark Creates Community For the Youth of Skateboarding in Fort Collins

Jackson Patrick October 7, 2021

Sitting behind a tattoo parlor and a Mexican restaurant is a fairly nondescript warehouse. However, in the back, through an open garage door, you will find a room full of various obstacles such as boxes,...

Participants in the event Slow Waltz , led by Sergei Driga, from Russia. (Pratyoosh Kashyap | The Collegian)

Rebranding Tradition: International Students Make CSU Feel Like Home

S.C. Pedroza October 7, 2021

It’s close to midnight on a day like any other, as you find yourself walking through the university apartments west of campus. You pass a window and get a sneak peek to the inside: There’s a group...

person in dark hoodie playing a brightly painted piano in a Fort Collins parking garage

Public Art In Fort Collins Adds Color to the Dark Times

Sasha Beran-Huges April 29, 2021

When you first arrive in Old Town Fort Collins you’re greeted with bright colors intermingled with the red and grey buildings that line the streets. Murals can be seen everywhere as well as ornate utility...

A skeeball machine lit up in Pinball Jones

Best of CSU Entertainment

Best of CSU Staff February 24, 2021

Best Live Concert Venue: Aggie Theatre The Aggie Theatre is a historic, classic site in Fort Collins. Adored by many, the Aggie has been in business for over 100 years, going from a furniture store,...

CSU dance students perform Dreams of Flying during the 2020 Fall Dance Concert

Dancing in a New Light: CSU Offers New BFA in Dance

Grace Cooper December 16, 2020

Tucked away in the Southeast corner of Colorado State University’s campus, the University Center of the Arts is home to the School of Music, Theater, and Dance — not often the programs that draw students...

Birds eye photo of the Black Lives Matter mural outside of the art building at CSU

CSU’s Black Lives Matter Mural: The Symbolism Behind the Installation

Cecilia Apodaca December 14, 2020

Protests, art, and activism for the Black Lives Matter Movement intensified in 2020 after several racially charged crimes shone light on the high levels of oppression within the country. Many institutions...

Birds eye view of the CSU Marching Band during socially distanced rehearsal

CSU Marching Band Director Guides Students Through an Uncertain Season

Aspen Flores December 14, 2020

Throughout the fall semester, one could find the Colorado State University Marching Band practicing for their next performance regardless of weather, wildfires and yes, even a pandemic.    From...

University Center for the Arts (CSU)

CSU Music, Theatre, Art Students Adjust To Online Learning Platforms

Haley Candelario May 6, 2020

It’s the first day of a new semester, and you walk into a classroom excited for the class that’s about to start, carrying the supplies you might need, depending on what the course is; maybe it’s...

Let the Music Play: DIY Venues in Fort Collins

Let the Music Play: DIY Venues in Fort Collins

Arlee Walls March 4, 2020

Everyone has a first day. Playing a sport to eventually play professionally, picking up a brush to begin painting a masterpiece, or writing down a storm of thoughts to create a timeless song. Everyone...

pink graphic of trumpet

Speaking Soul With CSU’s Jazz Ensembles

Kailey Pickering November 21, 2019

A smooth sound with unexpected twists and hidden turns, jazz is full of unpredictable harmonizing to form a completely unique creation. The music rose up with wisps of cigar smoke from the underground...

painting of woman sitting on green rug drinking coffee surrounded by cats, with the words Alley Cat written below

Art That’s Right up Your Alley(Cat)

Kendall Martin October 8, 2019

Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, a coffee lover or a tea drinker, a socializer or a studier, a cafe near campus caters to you. But, take one step inside and you’ll discover it’s much...

Samskara Art

SAMSKARA alters state of perception, consciousness

Guest Contributor March 10, 2019

By Lyra Wiley   Being enveloped by 360 degrees of stimulating visuals illustrating a journey through consciousness might make someone need to look up at the night sky and take a deep breath. But...

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