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10 Dates To Go on Instead Dinner and a Movie


It’s a common dilemma. You and your significant other have plans to hang out. When you ask them what they want to do, the reply with the dreaded “I dunno” shortly followed by the age old “maybe we should just grab something to eat.”

But you don’t want to just grab something to eat. You did that the last time you saw each other. And the time before that. In fact, you can’t recall the last time when that wasn’t what you did. But for the life of you, you can’t think of something better so you just head to Cheba Hut for the 54th time.

Trust me. I know the drill backwards, forwards and upside-down. Courtesy of some brainstorming over hard ciders at Scrumpy’s (potential for a good date by the way), my friends helped me come up with a list of fun dates to try out.

Head down to the Lyric for a movie or morning cartoons.

The Lyric Cinema Cafe is a small theater located on Mountain Street. Their showings schedule consists of mostly indie movies. They also host a wide array of funky special events. You and your S.O. can enjoy a $5 all you can eat cereal bar while watching beloved cartoons from your childhood. Or you can learn about local scientific research during the Lyric’s Science on Tap special event. They even have an event on Saturday where you can enjoy a really bad movie.

Go to that Piyo class you’ve been itching to try.

You and your swollmate could hit the gym and try a new fitness class. The Student Recreational Center offers a full schedule of interesting classes to try out. A lot of them are free for full time students. You could also try out the climbing wall or hit up the sauna. This a a great date for an active couple with limited funds.

Get your chocolate fix.

If you’re a chocoholic, take bae out to try the Chocolate Cafe in Old Town. According to their website, they serve lunch and dinner but most people praise them for their dessert. The Chocolate Cafe serves up a menu of chocolate drinks, both of the boozy and non-alcoholic variety. The dessert list consists of nearly 30 decedent sweets.

Dig through a treasure trove of goodies at the thrift shop.

Fort Collins is home to some fantastic thrift shops and consignment stores. This is another good date to consider if you’re ballin’ on a budget. You could look through old records, pick out a new piece of crazy art and get a good laugh while trying on the most hilariously hideous clothes you can find.

Get in touch with your inner child at Fly High.

You know what’s better than a trampoline? A whole room full of trampolines. Flip, jump and spin at Fly High Trampoline World. The rates run at $14 for the first hour and $7 for each additional hour. This has potential to be a great group date as well. You’re never too old to jump into a ball pit and maybe enjoy a pretzel while you’re at it.

Go to that hole-in-the-wall restaurant you pass by on your way to work.

Okay, okay. So I know this is technically going out to eat which we’re supposed to be avoiding. But chances are you and your S.O. go to the same few food joints every time you go out to eat. This is an adventure and dinner all wrapped into one. Go to a restaurant you’ve seen tucked away in town but never really heard anyone talk of. Try out a tiny Mexican restaurant or gyro joint. Who knows. You could find your new go-to spot.

Go to a concert at an intimate venue.

Fort Collins is rich with amazing venues. For the couple that loves music, going to a small show together at the Downtown Artery or the Mishawaka can be a blast. It’s easy to find some decently priced tickets for most of the venues around town. You can even enjoy free music at places like Avogadro’s Number.

Check out the farmer’s market.

Even in the winter there are farmers markets in Old Town to scope out. From local honey to fresh grown veggies, they’ve got it all. Tap into your inner foodie and check out all of the delicious sample. Not only is the food amazing, the people running the stands are really friendly too. So pick a recipe from Pinterest that you’ve always wanted to try and get some fresh ingredients at the farmers markets.

Volunteer together.

If you and your babe have hearts of gold and some free time to spare, volunteering can be a fun and rewarding date. Help care for the animals at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. Or perhaps you’d like to help out victims of domestic violence. Whatever you and your S.O. might be passionate about, there is likely a volunteer opportunity out there you can get involved with.

Honestly… Just walk around King Soopers or something.

At the end of the day, when you’re with great company, anything can be a good date. Walking your dog, going to the car wash or getting some grocery shopping done, these are all great ways to just be together. My final date idea is to simply be with one another. Even the most mundane of tasks can feel a little more fun with a person you vibe with. So take in those sweet little moments, hold hands, walk through the candy aisle, talk about nothing important or talk about everything important. A good date is 10% location and 90% the company you’re with.

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