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Casey Martinez, art history major at CSU, models her makeup look. Photo credit: Tony Villalobos May

Make-Up Does Not Make You Any Less of a Feminist

CMartinez February 13, 2018

I am a feminist. I am a make-up-wearing, clothing-obsessed feminist. I read InStyle Magazine and always leave Sephora with glittery swatches lining my arms. Even though I care about my appearance, I...

A Futuristic Nap Pod located in the new Health Center

Futuristic Nap Pod at Health and Medical Center

CMartinez September 12, 2017

Between the pressures of school, work and relationships, I'm sure we could all use a nap. Fortunately, the Colorado State University Health and Medical Center has a solution for the worn out college student. Students...

arrangement of peach and pink makeup products

Makeup on a Budget

CMartinez April 6, 2017

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to what makeup I’m using, but having expensive taste has drained my bank account. As a college student struggling to pay rent, I’ve accepted that I can no longer...

the Alley Cat Cafe interior

Best Coffee Joints in FoCo

CMartinez March 24, 2017

Fort Collins is the mecca for coffee lovers, with an over abundance of local cafes on every corner. In fact, the entire city is practically powered by caffeine. With a population of students and families,...

1935 Composition C (No.III) with red, yellow, and blue, by Piet Monrian, in the Tate Modern, London. Photo credit: Casey Martinez

Modern Art Is Awesome! Here’s Why

CMartinez March 2, 2017

If I said that art can change the world, would you believe me? Experimentation, expression and speculation come together in the form of modern art, forcing us to rethink society and question our humanity. Modern...

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