Abandoned Places: Titan 1 Missile Silo Complex 2B


These spray painted black figures with red eyes were all over the walls. At this point, myself and one other person had managed to accidentally separate ourselves from the group. We could hear our friends in the distance but didn’t know which hallway to go down. We ended finding them a few minutes later. Photo by Dalton McMillan

Dalton McMillan

Disclaimer: this is on private property. 

Many of us have seen a film where the main character(s) finds themselves in a dark, creepy abandoned building that seems to have no way of escape. The last weekend of winter break, I had the opportunity to experience a similar feeling.

A group of eight of us set out to explore an abandoned underground missile silo near Deer Trail, Colorado. This missile silo is just one of six Titan 1 missile silos in Colorado that once housed 98-foot-long, ballistic, intercontinental missiles that had nuclear capabilities. Since 1965, all of these silos have been evacuated along with their missiles.

The road leading up to the entrance was so covered with snow that we had to park our vehicles and walk nearly a mile to the gate. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a sign that read “DEATH AWAITS” (not exactly the warmest of greetings). We took our last glimpses of daylight and prepared for our journey into the darkness.

Fifty feet into the silo, you couldn’t see your hand an inch from your face without a flashlight. Strange colored rust covered practically everything inside. Many of the tunnels we ventured into were some hundred feet long and nearly every spot on every wall was plastered with colorful graffiti. Metal hung from the ceilings and many of them were completely caved in. This multi-level silo was an incredible thing to explore, but I don’t recommend going alone.




For more information on these silos, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.