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The current version of the banner seen outside of Fort Collins City Hall. The banners will soon be taken down and updated with two more languages. Photo credit: Tony Villalobos May

Fort Collins Multilingual Banners Celebrate Diversity, Encourage Inclusivity

TVillalobos April 10, 2018

The City of Fort Collins has taken a strong stance on diversity. 30 large multilingual banners that read “We Are Fort Collins” have been commissioned by the City of Fort Collins recently, celebrating...

Tyler Haus is a transfer student from Northeaster Junior College. (Photo by Jenna Fischer)

Transfers Tell All: From Junior College To CSU

Jenna Fischer April 25, 2016

When people think of college, they often imagine massive lectures, rowdy football games and a sprawling campus. What they may not realize is that college life can also mean a rural school, small class...

Ageless. Photo Credit: Meredith Thurman

New Threads: Colorado and Metro Denver Become More Fashionable Than Ever

Skyler Richardson April 20, 2016

303 Magazine, a local metro-area style and culture magazine, held the Spring 2016 Denver Fashion Weekend for five nights at City Hall downtown, officially sponsored by Schomp Automotive of Denver. Since...

Kris Khuu DJing

Local DJ Travels To Los Angeles To Pursue Dream

James Cao April 20, 2016

Kris Khuu is a 20-year-old DJ and a former Colorado State University student. Pursuing a career in music, he has flown to Los Angeles to enroll in a prestigious musical production school known as ICON...

Hairik Honarchian is a CSU custodian who is pursuing a masters degree in agriculture. He has the opportunity to take up to nine credits per academic year through the Employee Privilege Study program. (Photo by Jenna Fischer)

Meet Hairik: CSU Custodian Works Toward Master’s Degree

Jenna Fischer April 18, 2016

When walking through any of the academic or residential buildings at Colorado State University, there are many things that one might take for granted: the trash cans have been emptied, the floors have...

burned puppet

Ways of Mental Self-Abuse

CJ Johnson April 17, 2016

This is a photo series I did that abstractly portrays some of the ways that we self abuse ourselves mentally. Self-Damnation is how we tend to tell ourselves to not do something because we might fail anyway,...

roller derby game

FoCo Roller Derby Smashes Its Way To Victory

Alexa Minter April 15, 2016

The air is buzzing with energy, people are cheering and clapping and women are racing around a track on roller skates. Roller derby is becoming a popular contact sport that includes hits, falls and many...

A model for national brand Georgine prepares to walk in the final set of the evening.

Denver Fashion Weekend: Night 3

Lexi Elio April 15, 2016

Last weekend, Colorado’s fashion gurus and newcomers alike celebrated Denver Fashion Weekend. The show was hosted by 303 Magazine and Schomp Automotive and held at the City Hall Night Club in Denver....

Letter Writing Club mailbox

Wolverine Farm’s Letter Writing Club Promotes Old-Fashioned Letter Writing

Randi Mattox April 14, 2016

We live in a world where technology constantly replaces traditional methods. This is a good thing most of the time and normally serves to improve our quality of life. But sometimes it can be refreshing...

Photo courtesy of the College of Business

International Start Up Weekend at CSU The First In Colorado

James Cao April 13, 2016

In June, I embarked on a journey that would change my life and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at CSU. This is my story. Over February 19, the Institute of Entrepreneurship wrapped up hosting the first...

stressed woman biting pencil

Survival Guide: How To Overcome April

Sarah Hansen April 12, 2016

Do you remember what April used to mean to you before entering the doom of college? The month carried so many positive and beautiful connotations. Being in April meant warmth and comfort. It meant taking...

Permaculture: A Different Sustainability

Permaculture: A Different Sustainability

Krystal Tubbs April 11, 2016

When we're thinking about what we can do to help the environment or just make our homes and yards more interesting than a few blades of grass the word "permaculture" should come to mind. Permaculture...

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