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top view of table with food with many people reaching for the food

Creating a Community: Communal Living Steps Out of the Comfort Zone

Katie Mitchell September 28, 2018

The first time I wore mascara was the day I left for Girl Scout camp when I was 7.  I went to sleep-away camp alone. I was sad and nervous and intimidated by the girls who decided to go with their friends....

Local Band Bloomers poses on a California Beach in July 2018. (AJ Frankson | Collegian)

Touring With Bloomers: Find Your Passion and Run With It

AJ Frankson September 19, 2018

Everyone has dreamed of living the rock star lifestyle. Sleeping in a van, eating Taco Bell for every meal, wearing the same three sweaty t-shirts for days on end. I got the chance to experience it. And...

The Ducal Palace is one of Urbinos cultural highlights and can be visible throughout the city. (Nicole Towne | College Avenue)

La Vita Dolce: Peace of Mind and a Bowl of Spaghetti

Nicole Towne September 18, 2018

It’s a late August afternoon. Lunch is over, but dinner hasn’t begun yet. I’m hungry, I make my way over to the Lory Student Center to get something to eat. I order tomato soup and a grilled cheese...

El Camino de Santiago: My Pilgrimage Walking 566 Miles Across Northern Spain

El Camino de Santiago: My Pilgrimage Walking 566 Miles Across Northern Spain

Jenna Fischer February 23, 2018
I walked 566 miles across northern Spain on the ancient pilgrimage route of El Camino de Santiago. Read about my journey and CSU's Camino Abroad program.
Casey Martinez, art history major at CSU, models her makeup look. Photo credit: Tony Villalobos May

Make-Up Does Not Make You Any Less of a Feminist

CMartinez February 13, 2018
Why I am a feminist with and without makeup.
A young child raises his hand to a group of entertainers on stilts before the opening ceremonies of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Manama, Bahrain. Photo by: Tony Villalobos May

Capturing Moments While on the Road

TVillalobos February 12, 2018
Bring your camera on the road, but do not forget your sense of fun at home.
The front steps of a classroom in Sin Chai village

Your Pics With African Children Do Not Make You Cultured

Lexi Elio January 29, 2018
Social media lets us take and post media with a few simple taps - but just because we can post, does not always mean we should.
Alea Schmidt, Colorado State University sophomore majoring in interior design, dazed in the Poudre Canyon trails outside of Fort Collins. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

To My Small Town…

JStewart November 29, 2017
A letter to the small town we left once we moved away for college.
Photo credit: Lexi Elio

24 Hours in Torgome Village, Ghana

Lexi Elio November 3, 2017
Traveling with Semester at Sea brings many worldly experiences for its students.
New members of Kappa Kappa Gamma recently participated in the fall philanthropy Kamp Kappa which raises money for a scholarship given by Kappa. Photo credit: Clare Burnett

The Truth Behind Sorority Life

ECarrington November 2, 2017
Forget the stereotyped sorority girl - here is what it is really all about.
Bacharach, Germany, a small town

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Studying Abroad

AJ Frankson September 5, 2017
How studying abroad can change your life and your perspective when you least expect it
Girl Scout troop 60606 packing a van for their camping trip Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Raising Brave Girls

Katie Mitchell April 25, 2017
Girl Scouts are striving to change the conversation about how we are raising young girls, and you can too.
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