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Photo credit: Sam Shepardson

Food Trucks Bring a Variety of Options to Fort Collins

JStewart April 27, 2018

Waffle Lab Warm weather is just around the corner and students are getting ready for a summer in Fort Collins. A great way to get off campus and enjoy some of the offerings of this town are food truck...

A parallel of buddhas at the Asakusa Shrine in Taito, Tokyo Japan. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

Japanese Winter Study Abroad Program Is a Cultural Based Experience

JStewart April 13, 2018

Colorado State University is introducing a new cultural studies education abroad experience for winter 2018. Sayuri Collins, a Japanese instructor at CSU, is introducing a new Japanese culture based experience...

Tea With a Purpose: Happy Luckys Teahouse Adheres to a Range Tea Lovers

Tea With a Purpose: Happy Lucky’s Teahouse Adheres to a Range Tea Lovers

JStewart April 12, 2018

Coffee shops are great for the collegiate coffee connoisseur, but what is there for the person who is not a fan of bean juice? Leaf juice! Whether it is a study session that needs a more caffeinated breakfast...

Owner Jeff Abbott (right) and business partner Scott Shepherd (left) standing in the front of The Gorehounds Playground.

The Gorehound’s Playground Creates Community Through Horror Films

JStewart February 27, 2018

The Gorehound’s Playground is a local Fort Collins horror-junky heaven. Named after the song "I Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Gorehound" from the 80s rock band The Cramps, they have a unique environment surrounding...

Attached to the University Center of the Arts (UCA) is the Edna Rizley Griffin Concert Hall. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

Performing Arts On a Dime

JStewart February 7, 2018

People often believe that the arts are something only to be enjoyed by someone of “elite” status. Someone who lives a life of luxurious, faux fur as they parade out of their Porsche and in through...

alpaca balls

Use Alpaca Dryer Balls as an Alternative To Dryer Sheets

JStewart January 23, 2018

If you find yourself rushing to Target on Sunday morning to grab a 25 count dryer sheet package which will eventually deteriorate your clothes away, there is a better alternative. Alpaca based dryer balls...

Alea Schmidt, Colorado State University sophomore majoring in interior design, dazed in the Poudre Canyon trails outside of Fort Collins. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

To My Small Town…

JStewart November 29, 2017

The small town I lived in before college, I have, at this point, been moved away for a little over a year. I have been doing things that you could only imagine and going places you did not even know existed....

Vicky Ramirez, a sophomore at CSU, and Maritza Olde, a junior at CSU, representing their Kappa Delta Chi (KΔX) Sorority Inc. jackets. Photo credit: Alea Schmidt

Sisterhood to end stigma

JStewart November 13, 2017

Inclusion is a clear necessity in the social norms of today’s society, specifically for those who are distant from the dominant culture. Even within the “safety” of our campus here at Colorado State...

Diligently focused, McPuff works on a new Fiasco that will be featured on his travels. Photo credit: Alea Schmidt
Mike McPuff, a young Fort Collins local artist, speaks a lot abou

Local Artist Wants To Make an Impact Beyond Fort Collins

JStewart September 14, 2017

Artistry is one of the many outlets of the human soul. Whether the art comes from a place of pain or of exultation, it can and will be created. Fort Collins runs rampant with local artists looking to...

tent in the fields

Camping in Northern Colorado

JStewart April 7, 2017

  The snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising. The garage doors are opening as the winter reclused Coloradans break out the tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles and coolers....

A tattoo piece done by Brockton Fowler. Photo credit: Alea Schmidt

The Human Artist

JStewart April 5, 2017

An avid culture that has immersed itself amidst the 21st century is that of tattoos. From tribal pieces and memorial portraits to tramp stamps, tattoos are becoming more and more a staple in the minds...

person with long brown curly hair standing in front of foothills

Generation Up – Culture

JStewart February 14, 2017

Pot, parties and rebels; three words parents hated hearing from their kids as they grew older. Ironically, majority of parents lived through the extreme eras that were influenced by these three things:...

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