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Five Twitter Accounts to Balance Your News Diet

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The saturation of media on the internet makes it difficult to differentiate fake news from cold, hard facts. Most internet-users are savvy enough to check information’s source by now, but are still stumped when it comes to determining bias.

Study results from the non-partisan Pew Research Center demonstrate how self-identified liberals, independents and conservatives feel about different media outlets.

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This 2014 chart demonstrates differing levels of trust among publications as reported by liberals, independents, and conservatives. Graphic courtesy: Pew Research Center.

To help balance the various news sources you see each day, consider following these 5 types of Twitter accounts:

  1. Our president – Regardless of personal opinion, Donald Trump reveals important policy decisions and upcoming national events via Twitter. Following his personal account can simultaneously inform and entertain. The Atlantic provides a Trump Tweet Tracker with context and analysis to hep understand his top tweets of the day.
  2. Technological development – It’s important to keep track of how advanced robots are getting. The Economist has an account exclusively dedicated to developments in science and technology, ranging from artificial intelligence to green energy innovation.
  3. Alternative local newsWestword covers Colorado culture and entertainment with a vibrant voice. This alternative publication will ensure you’re the first to know about local concerts, artists and festivals.
  4. Reputable American news – The only news source trusted by all ideological groups in the PRC study is The Wall Street Journal. It is worth noting that the WSJ is generally perceived as having a slight conservative bias. Its equally reputable counterpart, The New York Times, is generally perceived as having a slight liberal bias and was not trusted by conservatives in the study.
  5. Global perspective – BBC News offers excellent coverage with minimal partisan bias. It is important to include global news outlets to keep up with international events and gain an outside perspective on domestic events. Their breaking news account tweets less frequently than BBC World.

While it’s true that news is written by individuals, who are subjective by nature, reputable news organizations try to minimize bias to maintain credibility. Newsrooms full of seasoned journalists and editors debate the ethical implications of their work. Ignoring all information isn’t just ignorant, but near impossible in today’s digital society, so it’s important to take proactive steps to consume accurate, diverse media.

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