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Generation Up – Fashion

Undeclared freshman, Sydney Rudolf. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart
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Undeclared freshman, Sydney Rudolf. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

Fashion forward couldn’t be more of an accurate term to describe the average fashion of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. These generations wouldn’t have seen their immense influence on the 21st century coming. With their heads in the clouds thinking about the sleek, silver embroidered tops of the 21st century, the real presence of fashion is a throwback to the “funky” fashion of previous eras.

With tie dye realness and some loose fitting pants, the 70’s are a key fashion statement currently living in the 21st century. The post Woodstock era was filled with many key fashion icons. Chilling in some lounge wear, breathable pants with a tie dye top, in an engaging natural setting is the easiest throwback when you’re looking to the 70’s for fashion inspiration.

Looks can also include ratted denim without loosing the color to maintain a 70’s feel while dabbling in the grunge movement. As far as accessories go, a nice pair of aviators and a bright headband or scrunchie will tie the entire outfit together and let your inner flower child break through.

As relaxing as the 70’s were, the high fashion of the 80’s knew how to kick the scene into high gear with everyday elegance, as blacks and golds took the streets.

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Freshman interior design major, Alea Schmidt.


Big hoops, big hair and bigger personalities will steal the show at any disco throwback dance you jive into. As some looks feature the neon and lace crossover, todays 80’s throwback can easily be accomplished with a black turtleneck and a pair of extravagant gold hoop earrings. High waisted denim jeans will balance out the high fashion elegance with an everyday street look that will strike the public and turn heads.

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Freshman journalism major, Katie Mitchell. Photo credit: Jacob Stewart

Big hair is also essential addition to tie any 80’s outfit together.

An era of grunge fashion and the tattered and torn style choices finally hit the scene as the 90’s rolled by. A low hanging flannel with a grungy undershirt paired with some torn jeans and combat boots was a key style choice for the average 90’s grunge teenager.

The combat boots are exchangeable for a ratty pair of converse and black or faded denim is always an alternative to the torn jeans.

“To really show off your 90’s grunge style, a good band-t undershirt and a black choker will instantly drop the jaw of any grunge date night you might have,” 90’s fashion dabbler said Alea Schmidt, freshman interior design major.

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  • K

    Katie MitchellFeb 8, 2017 at 9:15 am

    A great look into the fashion trends and how they have been recycled throughout the decades. Thank you Jake!