En Vogue: 2005 vs. 2015


Photo courtesy of Dalton McMillan.

Sarah Hansen

In this day and age, it seems like trends are constantly changing — more specifically, trends in female fashion.

You can remember the iconic shoulder pads and leg warmers of the ’80s, or the fanny packs and windbreakers of the ’90s.

However, can you think of what were the most popular, must-have fashion trends from just 10 years ago?  If not, we have so kindly provided you with a refresher course.

In 2005, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton dominated magazines and television, and so did their fashion sense.

Instead of wearing leggings and an oversized flannel on lazy days, it meant throwing on that Juicy Couture jumpsuit and trucker hat.

If you were going for a night out on the town, layered tank tops with extra-low-rise jeans were the go-to outfit, not high-waisted pants and a crop top.

Having your hair colored did not mean getting an ombre, it meant chunky highlights.

The main question might be, “Why?” Why did females go along with fashion trends that seem so tacky now? Senior psychology major Amanda Kelly gives a simple explanation.

“That’s just what you did. I wore layered tank tops and zip-off cargo shorts because that’s what was in the stores, and that’s what was in magazines,” said Kelly.

Does that sound familiar? What we see, we do.  What is popularized in the media or at school is what we want to wear, too.

“Oh yeah, I definitely wore layered tank tops, tracksuits,” Jordan Schwander, a sophomore human development and family studies major, said. “Also, a lot of people at school would wear zip-off cargo pants. Seeing people wear certain things made me want them, too.”

Sophomore business major Hanna Davis  had the same experience. “Hannah Montana was really popular at that time with girls my age. She’d belt her shirts, so I remember a lot of girls at my school would also do that.”

The same types of patterns continue to happen 10 years later.  Celebrities like the Kardashians or runway models like the Hadid sisters — if they wear leather leggings with oversized tops and booties, then we want to wear it, too.

So next time you are browsing the magazine aisle, look at who is on the covers, and how they are affecting the fashion world today.