For Him: Don’t Leave the Guys Out This V-Day


Valentine’s Day is not just for the ladies! Celebrate the man in your life too. Photo by Sydney Izienicki.

Erin Douglas

I love you note.
Valentine’s Day is not just for the ladies! Celebrate the man in your life too. Photo by Sydney Izienicki.

When it comes to making women feel loved on Valentine’s Day, retailers have got it covered. From heart-shaped bottles of perfume to massive stuffed bears (probably a little impractical for college living), not only will women in relationships feel appreciated, but they will also be disappointed if their significant other doesn’t plan the perfect night and buy the most romantic gift.

Commercially, Valentine’s Day has become so focused on wooing women that men have gotten left out. The selection of “For Him” Valentine’s Day gifts is barely comparable to the rows and rows of “For Her.”

Some men don’t mind the minimized attention they receive on Valentine’s Day, as long as they are with their significant other.

“My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is spending time with Courtney,” said Byron Irish, a sophomore electrical engineering student.

Irish’s girlfriend, Courtney Giles, a freshman neuroscience freshman, said that Valentine’s Day should be for both people. She also offered some advice for not letting one person feel left out.

“It’s important to make the guy feel special,” Giles said. “Use birthdays to just spoil one person.”

An important way to make both people feel appreciated for a joint celebration is to exchange gifts.

“Last year, Courtney helped me feel appreciated by getting me a gift,” Irish said.

While there may be pressure for the men to plan a romantic day, make sure that the plans are something both of you will enjoy — if you plan a movie, try to vary the stereotypical romantic comedy with something a little more exciting — unless you’re both into rom-coms (check out page six if so).

“This year, my girlfriend and I are going to spend a night in and watch Netflix because it is too much of a hassle to go out,” said Chapman Croskell, a freshman journalism student.

Try to lower the stress this year for your significant other by not making unrealistic expectations for a magical night.

“Let him relax,” Croskell said. “Guys can sometimes feel like they have to be on edge to constantly act chivalrous, but both of you can spend Valentine’s Day happy with each other.”

Whatever you and your significant other have planned this Valentine’s Day, make the “Hallmark Holiday” worthwhile and focus on spending time together not on pressuring romance.

Gift Ideas for Him:


  • Tickets: If you can’t get tickets to his favorite sport on Valentine’s Day, take him out to an event later.
  • Cute Card: Don’t forget to pick up a Valentine’s Day card to complete the gift.
  • Stuffed Animal: Give him a cute reminder of you and pick out a stuffed animal. Bonus points for buying a Ram.
  • CSU Spirit Gear: You can help him show his pride at the game, and show him that you’re his biggest fan.

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