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It’s Time To Leave the Nest but Fly Back Anytime

James Cao May 16, 2015

I love college. Quoth, Asher Roth. Speaking of college, it’s almost the end of the year. That means graduation, and seniors flocking from the second nest into the real world. Scary. Talking to a lot...

four graduates in black robes from the back

Life After Graduation

Sarah Ross May 15, 2015

Graduating is both liberating and terrifying. For many, we have been in school longer than we can remember, and the feeling of knowing that you never have to go to school again unless you choose to is...

Ricki Watkins snapping a photograph

College: A Journey Through Self

Ricki Watkins May 15, 2015

Oftentimes we come to college unsure of who we want to be. But most often, we come not even knowing who we are. And, the decisions we make in the four years we are here help define us. Can one senior...

couple sitting on a park bench

The Guide To Dating Post Graduation

Alexandrea Rager May 15, 2015

You are graduating. It is time to say goodbye to Tinder and Grindr and it’s time to stop sending naughty Snapchats and kind of flattering but mostly creepy Yaks about the girl in the library basement. Now,...

A dart hitting the target in the center

Expert’s Advice on Goal Setting

Sarah Ross May 14, 2015

Many seniors express feeling unprepared or scared of the future, but well thought-out goals will get you where you want to be with time to spare. To help you on this journey is Ruth Newell, a facilitator...

Many dollar banknotes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Debt: Not a Life Sentence

Erin Douglas May 14, 2015

As graduates walk across the stage this spring, many will be taking more than a diploma into the real world: debt. Student loans have caused a majority of graduates in Colorado to start their career by...

Senior philosophy major and member of the ROTC program Joel Scott reads the names of fallen soldiers outside of the Lory Student Center Monday afternoon. The yearly tradition of ROTC soldiers reading the names of servicemen and woman who made the ultimate sacrafice for the United States is an annual celebration of vetrans day and raises awareness for students on campus.

ROTC at CSU: An Insider’s Perspective

Hunter Goddard May 13, 2015

A college education can be challenging enough, but, as graduation approaches for this year’s “Ram Battalion,” the CSU Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), these military graduates are...

A lecturer stands in front of a full classroom of students.

Seniors Admit Their Most Embarrassing Moments in College

Sarah Hansen May 13, 2015

Graduating from college is one of the most monumental moments you can experience in your entire academic career. You’ve taken all the impossibly difficult courses. You’ve stayed awake all night cramming...

A graduate shows off her decorated cap.

Working in College

Jessica Hayes May 12, 2015

Graduation is approaching fast, and many students will move on with their lives, finding their place in large companies or impressive careers. Students will search for a career they are passionate about,...

young adults in business casual fashion laughing and talking

Fashion After Graduation

Octavia Perry May 12, 2015

After graduation, your closet full of pajama pants and sweatshirts will evolve into a closet filled with pantsuits and knee-length skirts. Your college hoodie and see-trough leggings don’t scream, “Hire...

Occupy Wall Street protest

Seniors’ Freshman Year in Review

Erin Douglas May 11, 2015

April 4, 2011: Obama announces he will run for reelection This news foreshadowed the president’s visit to the CSU campus during graduates’ sophomore year, Aug. 28, 2012. The graduates have had an involved...

Colorado State University President Tony Frank gives a speech at the newly renovated Animal Sciences Building

Letter To Graduates From President Tony Frank

Guest Contributor May 11, 2015

Dear Graduates, Congratulations on your upcoming commencement! This is a great occasion for you and for Colorado State University, and we’re enormously proud of our students and all you’ve achieved....

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