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Falling in Love With Fall Hairstyles

Katie Gabriel, a master of fine arts, shows off her shoulder-length hair. Photo by Abby Kurtz.

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, a new season of trends sweeps across campus. What is new in hairstyles this fall? Here is a quick guide to clue you in on the latest styles.

Shoulder-Length Hair

Long hair will always be a staple in American beauty trends, but this season, girls are trading in their luscious locks for shoulder-length, midi-styles. This new look is perfect for those bulky winter outfits and sits at the perfect height for scarf weather.

Darby Brown, lead stylist at Best of CSU’s Studio Be, says, “Variations in its form are the long bob (lob), short bob, slightly layered, heavily textured, angled and asymmetrical. My favorite cut right now is the very blunt bob.”

With a quick trim, your mid-length hairstyle, no matter the variation, sends you into the season with a fresh look, guaranteed to spice up those cold morning outfits.

Blunt Bangs

Bring in the fall season with a bang. Trade in those summery, side-swept bangs for some cozy, straight-cut-across-the-forehead bangs. Amp up your fall hairstyle with a cute and quirky, Zooey Deschanel vibe.

Nothing pairs better with pumpkin spice and your favorite fall boots than blunt bangs.  If you want a more edgy look, try a variation of blunt bangs with fringed bangs to add some texture.

Nohely Gonzalez, a junior anthropology major, shows style with some ombre waves.
Nohely Gonzalez, a junior anthropology major, shows style with some ombre waves. Photo by Abby Kurtz.


This summer style still carries strong into the fall season and works great for those looking to change up their look but not lose their length. Summer ombre styles can easily transition into fall with deeper colors instead of the blonde that worked this summer.

Brown says, “The popular colors right now are similar to winning medals: rose gold, smokey-silver using greys or violets and bronze with caramels.”

Auburn, red, bronze and copper colors will complement the deeper, more rustic tones of autumn fashion. For a fun and bright look, try colors such as purple or pink.

Man Buns

Let us not forget about the men this fall. Traditional crew cuts and fades are slowly losing popularity as the man bun rises with the hipster trend of 2014. As men trade in their sagging pants for suspenders, their traditional short hair transforms into a more rugged, yet eclectic look.

No man bun is complete without its accompanying beard, and the change in weather this season will begin an even larger transition to this new trend. With all these changes in women’s hair trends, remember to look out for those man buns and beards this season.

Cortnee Cox, a zoology major, shows off her cute pixie cut. Photo by Abby Kurtz.
Cortnee Cox, a zoology major, shows off her cute pixie cut. Photo by Abby Kurtz.

The Pixie Cut

Looking to radically change your look this fall? This boyish look has come in full force throughout Hollywood and is making its way into campus trends as well. Short hair is a great, no-hassle way to tackle those frost-bitten mornings when you are in a rush to get to that 8 am exam.

In addition to its convenience, this simple hairstyle is a great way to add edge and depth to any comfy sweater or simple outfit.

This article was created for the 2014 Best of CSU issue produced by the College Avenue Magazine staff. 

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