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computer screen showing a christmas music playlist

When Do You Play Holiday Tunes?

Sarah Ross December 15, 2015

It is either the best time of year or the worst time of year, but whether you like it or not, holiday music is hitting the airwaves. While you prepare to get your “Jingle Bell Rock” on, let’s take...

pile of gift cards scattered

The Curse of the Cards: Why Gift Cards Are the Cop Outs of Christmas

Sarah Ross December 11, 2015

As a college student, I will readily admit that I do not have an aversion to gift cards, especially if they mean I can peruse and obtain that buyer’s remorse from the comfort of my pajamas, at home on...

top view of a coffee cup with foam in a leaf pattern

Festive Coffeehouse Favorites

Sarah Ross December 10, 2015

It is that time of year again; the time of year for cuddles, cookies and your favorite seasonal coffee drink served in a festive cup. Whether you are a pumpkin spice fan or a patron of the peppermint...

Willard O Eddy Hall entrance

Construction and Change

Sarah Ross October 5, 2015

Colorado State University has a rich history — a history filled with pride, academics and community, stretching all the way back to 1870. It is a campus of tradition, but also a campus of change. It...

two people with arms around each other watching the sunset

Nostalgia: Generation Y’s Clutch

Sarah Ross October 2, 2015

It is 1:23 a.m. on the day this article was due. Procrastinating from writing, I decided to clean out my voicemail box. I hit the button to listen to the first voicemail, trying hard to remember just...

Eco Leaders sign

Student Led Sustainability: Experts Say Students Contribute To Changing Culture

Sarah Ross October 1, 2015

Colorado State University is the only university to earn a Platinum rating from the STARS sustainability ranking system. CSU also has 20 LEED certified sustainable buildings on campus. Both LEED and STARS...

four graduates in black robes from the back

Life After Graduation

Sarah Ross May 15, 2015

Graduating is both liberating and terrifying. For many, we have been in school longer than we can remember, and the feeling of knowing that you never have to go to school again unless you choose to is...

A dart hitting the target in the center

Expert’s Advice on Goal Setting

Sarah Ross May 14, 2015

Many seniors express feeling unprepared or scared of the future, but well thought-out goals will get you where you want to be with time to spare. To help you on this journey is Ruth Newell, a facilitator...

Ramp with Colorado flag painted on it.

Colorado Wacky Facts

Sarah Ross April 23, 2015

We live in a state that is full of wacky traditions and spectacular sights, a state full of adventure and wonders that never cease to amaze even long-time residents. Colorado contains such a variety of...

Photo by Yogas Design on Unsplash

Do We Live in a Hookup Culture?

Sarah Ross February 15, 2015

According to modern media outlets, we as members of Generation Y live in the “hookup culture,” but do we really? College Avenue reached out to CSU students to see what hookup culture means to them...

tree trunks wrapped with fairy lights

Sustainable Gift Giving

Sarah Ross December 20, 2014

In order to stray from your average run of the mill gift guides, College Avenue has put together a list of  Christmas presents with the environmentally friendly flair that embodies Fort Collins to help...

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