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Kris Khuu DJing

Local DJ Travels To Los Angeles To Pursue Dream

James Cao April 20, 2016

Kris Khuu is a 20-year-old DJ and a former Colorado State University student. Pursuing a career in music, he has flown to Los Angeles to enroll in a prestigious musical production school known as ICON...

Photo courtesy of the College of Business

International Start Up Weekend at CSU The First In Colorado

James Cao April 13, 2016

In June, I embarked on a journey that would change my life and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at CSU. This is my story. Over February 19, the Institute of Entrepreneurship wrapped up hosting the first...

The Local Athletix team at their booth at the LA Fit Expo. The expo took place Jan. 22-24. Photo courtesy of Local Athletix.

Student-Created Athletic Apparel Company Makes Waves in California

James Cao February 3, 2016

The first week back of spring semester, a majority of students prepared themselves for the school year by buying books, going to class and planning out their tentative schedule. Two students that have...

hands holding three phones with social media apps open on the screens

Welcome To the ‘Like’ Culture

James Cao October 7, 2015

Ten years ago, it was 2005. Some things never change through time, but culture always does. Looking back, most of us were no more than 12. It is easy to see that the culture we live in has been part of...

CSU lagoon

It’s Time To Leave the Nest but Fly Back Anytime

James Cao May 16, 2015

I love college. Quoth, Asher Roth. Speaking of college, it’s almost the end of the year. That means graduation, and seniors flocking from the second nest into the real world. Scary. Talking to a lot...

Jared Polis

Q&A With Congressman Jared Polis

James Cao April 23, 2015

I was recently able to snag an interview with U.S. Rep. Jared Polis. After talking with his staff members, it was through sheer chance that he would be in Fort Collins, and I got the chance to have a...

Rob Nicholl carefully tattoos an atom symbol on Vera Bendonis side at Covenant Tattoo shop.

Moments in Ink: Q&A With Owner of Covenant Tattoo

James Cao March 26, 2015

It was an early snowy morning, the snow billowed around me in a dance of white flurries, cold and burning, and there in the midst of it all, was I, the hero of this story. Just kidding, I flatter myself...

Boy plays the piano for a girl.

So You Want To Seduce?

James Cao February 13, 2015

Seduction — some of us have it and some of us don’t. Lucky for you, you can change your status from have not to have in the game of seduction. If you think I will be the guru to your sexual journey,...

Close up of Christmas wreath

Why Is Christmas Music So Popular?

James Cao December 21, 2014

Why is Christmas music so popular during this time of year? There is no intelligible reason other than it just works in perfect harmony, and so we should just embrace it. Christmas music during the wintertime...

Senior Chet Mogorit, a business major uses the bench press at the CSU Rec Center.

CSU’s Fitness Four

James Cao November 6, 2014

During any discussion on the greatness of Fort Collins, Best of CSU and the Rec Center have always been mentioned in one hallowed breath.   Of course, the gym at CSU has been hailed as one of best...

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