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L.L. Bean vs. Sperry: What CSU Women Are Wearing This Winter

Fresh snow has fallen, layers of ice cover the ground and the below freezing temperatures have arrived. Walking around campus at this time of year, you may notice a theme amongst women’s winter boots. Both L.L. Bean boots and Sperry duck boots have become a popular choice at Colorado State University. We are here to help you decide which fashionable winter boot is best for you.

L.L. Bean

Bean boots, which have been produced in Maine since 1912, come in many styles. With the variety of patterns, L.L. Bean offers fashionable boot choices for the winter. “What I love about the Bean boot is that this product combines comfort, style and reliability,” Katie Ronen said, a CSU senior studying human development and family studies.

Bean boots are also waterproof, insulated, repairable and are made of rubber and leather. The soles are triple stitched with their “chain” pattern, which creates traction for snowy and slippery days. “Without a doubt, I know that my feet will stay dry on a snowy day. I get super freaked out that I will fall on the ice while on campus but I don’t have to worry with my boots,” Ronen said. The heavy-duty stitching within these boots is weather resistant yet breathable. L.L. Bean boots also have insulation options for many styles of their boots.


While these boots can cost from $120 and up, L.L. Bean offers repair services for worn-down soles or tears. “My only complaint about Bean boots is that they are little pricey but it’s so worth it. I’ve had mine for over 4 years,” Ronen said.

Sperry Boots

Sperry duck boots are also a popular pick for their variety of styles. “I like my Sperry boots because they are warm and work well in the snow,” Carley Heath said, a CSU senior studying finance. “They match with all sorts of different styles of clothing, and I can wear cute socks with them to make them more fashionable.”

This winter’s women’s Sperry Duck Boots. Photo credit: Missy Miller

Sperry boots are waterproof and durable, however, they do not offer any insulated options. These boots are made of leather and foam with their “wave-siping” soles for traction. The foam soles make Sperry boots some of the lightest duck boots on the market. You can find Sperrys for $80 and up depending on the style you decide on.

Poll taken on CSU’s campus between women who prefer L.L. Bean boots and women who prefer Sperry duck boots. Photo credit: Missy Miller

A recent poll taken on CSU’s campus within a community of women who wear Beans and Sperrys shows that more women prefer Bean boots over Sperry boots.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference in style and what specifically you are looking for from a winter boot.

Now that you know the differences between the two fashionable boots you have been seeing around campus, we hope you have an easier time deciding which boot is right for you this winter.

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