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Painted Lady butterflies stopping by a garden bush for an afternoon nectar snack. Photo credit: Mackenzie Boltz

Abnormal Heavy Butterfly Migration Along Colorado’s Front Range

MBoltz October 24, 2017

On Oct. 3, a 70-mile wide mass was seen on the weather radar over the Denver area. It was thought to be a cloud-like pattern but ended up being a swarm of painted lady butterflies. The painted ladies...

social media icons on a phone screen

Scrubbing Your Social Media

Katie Mitchell April 18, 2017

Scrubber is a company with one goal: to get you hired after graduation. Their product to get you there? A full social media scrub down. They search all of your accounts for mentions of drugs, alcohol,...

Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

Eat, Pray, Text

Katie Mitchell March 22, 2017

Now that technology is a relevant force in society, relationships have morphed into a new genre. With the addition of technology to our society, long distance relationships have been made easier. Kate...

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Engineers Bring Tech of the Future To Life

Lexi Elio March 2, 2017

While unusually warm winter weather brings campus to life, students sit huddled around computers beneath the engineering building. This dim basement lab houses some of Colorado State University's most...

Derek Isabelle and Jordan Tunnell code software for the EcoCAR 3 competition.

EcoCAR 3 Students Drive Innovation

Jenna Fischer February 28, 2017

You’re driving home late at night, exhausted from a long day at work. As you drive, your mind numbs and your eyes begin to droop, causing you to drift into the lane of oncoming traffic. Just as you are...

silhouettes of three people running toward the sun

Running To a Better GPA

FBailey February 27, 2017

The moment has come. The test is here and you did your studying, but the answers just won't come to mind. You wonder what you could have done differently to better prepare for this moment. One question...

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