If You Missed Free Zoo Day, Here’s a Recap in Photos


The Denver Zoo consists of a whopping 80 acres of land. That means on free admission day, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Photo credit: Selena Rodriguez


For over 100 years the Denver Zoo has been home to a host of critters from across the globe. Throughout the years they have been committed to maintaining the highest quality of animal care, staying active in conservation efforts and educating the people of Colorado.

According to guest relations at the Denver Zoo the Scientific and Cultural Facility District assures that organizations across Denver offer a few days each year of free admission because of tax breaks. So on Feb. 12th, 2017 the zoo treated the public to a free day, allowing more people to hear their message and visit the wide variety of animals they care for.

If you missed it, do not fret! There is another free day in November. Check out these photos to hold you off until then.