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Holiday Traditions Around the World

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


Canadians celebrate “Sinck Tuck,” a tradition where families dance together and have a gift exchange after church.


Mexicans celebrate “Three Kings Day,” a Christian holiday festival celebrating the three wise men who presented Christ with three gifts. Mexicans eat a 1.2-mile-long “King’s Cake” to celebrate.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There is a firework show over a giant Christmas tree. Santa Claus is known as “Papai Noel” and was created in the late ’50s. Because of the rigid heat of summertime, Papai Noel wears silk clothing, unlike the American Santa Claus, who comes from the North Pole.

London, England

Children leave mince pies and brandy for Father Christmas while Americans leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus.


Christmas in France is known as “Noel.” “Les bonnes nouvelles” means “the good news” in French. This is where “Noel” came from.


The Christmas holiday falls during summertime. Australians are typically seen going camping during this time or decorating their homes with Christmas lights. They also plant the “Christmas Bush,” an Australian tree with green leaves and red flowers.


The holiday season is celebrated with advent calendars, typically with boxes hanging from trees.


A spooky tradition with a good reason, Ukrainians put spider webs on their Christmas trees. This strays from an old tale about a poor woman and her children who could not afford to decorate their tree, so spiders put webs all over it. The next morning, it sparkled in the sun.

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