Where Will You Be in 10 Years?

Megan Loyd

We asked CSU students where they see themselves 10 years into the future and what they see themselves doing.

Ten years? Seem like a lot, but is it truly? With where I am in my education right now, and where I want to go, it is looking like I’ll still be doing the same thing as I am right now. Focusing on my career will continue to be the priority, but with a new twist: potential of starting a family. But hey, we’ll see about that when it comes closer. Ten years, I’d appreciate it if you’d slow down.” — Shai Pomeranz, sophomore psychology major

I would hope to have an amazing job in a hospital with a masters degree in healthcare administration.” — Jacob Lazear, junior business major

I’m not too sure where I want to be in 10 years. But I do know that I still want to continue along the path of becoming a vet. In 10 years, I most likely want to be in vet school, working as a vet tech to further improve my resume so that I can find a job as an actual vet one day.” — Jose Peraza-Diaz, sophomore biological sciences major

I see myself working in the field of psychology by advocating for or doing research on people with head related injuries.” — Ashley Hackett, sophomore psychology major

I would love to be working in the fashion design industry. My biggest hope right now is to be working as a costume designer for a TV show or for movies or even Broadway. I would also like to have a family and be making enough money for my family to live comfortably.” — Ashley Ryll sophomore apparel and merchandising major

I would like to still be living here in Colorado and working for the Colorado Avalanche in marketing.” — Shelby Green, junior business major

I want to be married, have at least one child and be working my dream job as an animal keeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!” — Marissa Fuertges, senior biology and zoology major

Ten years from now I imagine myself established in my career, settling down and starting my very own family. There is nothing more that I want from my life than a career I love and people I am passionate about.” — Bonnie DeLong, sophomore psychology major

I hope to be happy in whatever I end up doing by then.” — Karli Swenson, junior natural sciences major

I want to be working at a good job that pays for my play time. Like ski trips, fishing, and cool cars… and a nice house would be cool too!”  — Nick Witek, sophomore business major

I just want to be happy. Whether that’s just comfort with my career or traveling luxuriously, if I’m happy with my life, I’ve succeeded.” — Parker Lewis, sophomore biomedical sciences major

I would like to be playing professional beach volleyball. To represent Canada on the World Tour has been my goal the past few years and in ten years, I aim to reach that goal as well as participating in the 2020 and 2024 Olympics by then.” — Alexandra Poletto, sophomore health and exercise science major

I hope to be working in a career I love, hopefully as a pediatric occupational therapist. I also hope that I am married and have a family I’m crazy about. Most of all I hope that I am happy with my life regardless of my accomplishments.” — Kristen Layo, senior psychology major