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Laughing With Romantic Comedies

Students get together with friends to watch a romantic comedy. Photo by Jessica Hayes.
Girls watching T.V.
Students get together with friends to watch a romantic comedy. Photo by Jessica Hayes.

It’s that time of year again, time to pull out the old romantic comedies and curl up with a fuzzy blanket, time to laugh and giggle while falling in love at the same time. Oftentimes, we can’t decide which movies to watch and who to watch them with. Whether it be with your friends, with your significant other or just on your own, we have a rom-com for you.

Guy Friends

“The Ugly Truth”

This one is for the boys. Need some advice? Can’t get a girlfriend? “The Ugly Truth” is the movie for you. Mike (Gerard Butler) will give you all the advice you need to be successful with the ladies, or so he thinks. Little does he know, Abby (Katherine Heigl) has her own thoughts on how to be a ladies’ man. She is uptight and looking for the perfect one: classy and sexy. Will the advice of “The Ugly Truth” work? A dirty romantic comedy, this movie is fun for everyone.

“The Bounty Hunter”

Jennifer Aniston is back and hotter than ever. Wanted for skipping bail, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) will be on the run for her life when she finds out that her bounty hunter is actually her ex-husband, Milo (Gerard Butler). Action-packed with a love connection, this movie is great for anyone.

“The Bounty Hunter was a really fun and enjoyable movie,” said Jacob Etchelecu, a junior majoring in agricultural business. “It had a bunch of funny parts, and Jennifer Aniston is in it, so, there’s that.”

Girl Friends

“The Other Woman”

Funny, flirty and all about karma, Cameron Diaz knows how to handle men. When she finds out her new boyfriend is married, she finds herself in unexpected friendships with his wife and another mistress as they team up to lay down the law.

“The first romantic comedy that comes to mind is ‘The Other Woman,’” said Madison Wittman, a freshman double majoring in communications and economics. “I think I found it more funny when I watched it with my friends.”

“Just Go With It”

A goofy plastic surgeon, Danny (Adam Sandler), thinks he needs to be fake married to get with the ladies. Dating tons of hot young girls, he finds that his happiness doesn’t seem to come from them. Jennifer Aniston stars as his secretary. After a vacation in Hawaii, love may find its way back home. “Just Go With It” will keep you guessing, while giggling all night long at girl’s night.


“The Proposal”

Love may be where you least expect it, especially for Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who is the assistant to an uptight Canadian editor, Margaret (Sandra Bullock). When Margaret is about to be deported, she forces Andrew into marrying her to help her keep her job. While Andrew is reluctant at first, during their adventure from New York City to Alaska, he takes a turn of heart, but will he be too late? This movie will keep you laughing and remind you what is important in a relationship. “

I think it’s a good movie to watch as a couple because it has the right balance of funny and cute, not too sappy,” said Paige Kempski, a sophomore health and exercise science major.

“Life As We Know It”

A greater appreciation for life, relationships and love, “Life As We Know It” is a heartwarming movie about the real struggles we may experience. Holly (Katherine Heigl) is committed to her bakery and searching for a man to start her family. Messer (Josh Duhamel) is living it up, a free soul just having fun. When the two have to come together to raise their friends’ baby, they find that life can be complicated. Living under one roof, they eventually find out where they were supposed to be all along.


“We’re the Millers”

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston star in this hilarious movie about a stripper and a drug dealer who want to make it big. Putting together a fake family, David (Sudeikis) and Rose (Aniston) decide to travel in an RV to the Mexican border to pick up a drug dealer’s product. After a wild adventure, love weaves its way into their fake family, and it might just become real life.

“I thought it was very funny, and I love Jennifer Aniston,” said Emily Reynolds, a freshman majoring in biochemistry.

“This Means War”

Hot, single and successful Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) has got it goin’ on… aside from the fact that she is aging and has no boyfriend. Worried about her love life, her best friend, Trish, signs her up for online dating. After meeting two hot and sexy men, Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine), Lauren becomes confused. She secretly dates both without knowing that the men have a secret of their own.  Who will Lauren choose?

This article was produced for College Avenue’s Love, Sex, and Relationships issue.

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