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Gluten-Free Dining Hot Spots

Line cooks Zach Ohmie, Victor Romero, and Nate Hodson prepare a nacho dish on Beau Jo’s opening night Monday. The opening was a success according to Operations Manager Michelle Priola.

Living a gluten-free lifestyle is common place in Colorado. In fact, about 1 percent of the national population is living with celiac disease, according to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune disease that inhibits one’s digestion of wheat products and the absorption of nutrients. “Wheat products” is a fairly broad term, and celiac disease does not only conflict with ingested foods, it also pertains to certain chapsticks, body lotions and self-tanners.


You may be thinking that it seems like more than just 1 in every 133 people seems to be living the gluten free lifestyle. You would be correct, there is a much larger market for gluten free goods than just that 1 percent, as eating gluten free has benefits for those who do not have celiac disease. Many people with diabetes or other food intolerances and even those looking to lose weight feel better on a gluten free diet when done properly.


Fortunately, several restaurants around town accommodate these dietary needs. Here is College Avenue’s list of some gluten-free hotspots in Old Town:


Beau Jo’s

At Beau Jo’s, you can customize your own gluten free pizza. You can choose any of the delicious toppings Beau Jo’s has to offer and even treat yourself to a delicious gluten free cheesy bread (loaded with honey of course). If sushi is more your style, then any one of the few sushi places in Old Town are a great option. Sushi is usually pretty safe when it comes to gluten free dining, as long as there is nothing fried and you ask about the sauces, you are on your way to a tasty bite-sized dinner.


Butter Cream Cupcakery

Another gluten free hot spot has to be Butter Cream Cupcakery, they bake all their cupcakes fresh daily, and on the menu is a delectable and oh-so-cute gluten-free option. Butter Cream is the gluten free sweet tooth’s go-to hot spot.


Mary’s Mountain Cookies

Let’s not forget Mary’s Mountain Cookies, they offer fresh daily-baked gluten free cookies. Plus, just like the normal variety, Mary’s switches up the flavors from time-to-time. Want to eat gluten free but are on a budget? Don’t worry, Mary’s has a basket with day-old cookies for less cost!


Whether you are living the lifestyle by choice or need, there are fantastic options all over town. If you are interested in trying it or are new to this diet, finding out a restaurant’s gluten free options is as simple as a question. Most restaurants are happy to answer your questions and help cater to your needs.


This article was created for the 2014 Best of CSU issue produced by the College Avenue Magazine staff. 

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