The Waffle Lab: Best Waffles in Fort Collins?

The Waffle Lab is off of Mason St. and Olive St. in Fort Collins. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

You pass FedEx and a barber shop on your way to the restaurant. Suddenly, your heart stops; has Sunday brunch turned into a morning of errands? Nope! You’ve arrived at The Waffle Lab, a hole in the wall brunch spot off of Mason St. and Olive St. in Fort Collins.

The Lab serves liège waffle creations, unmatched by any other restaurant in Fort Collins.

What is a liege waffle?

“Originally developed in Belgium, the liège [pronounced “lee-ayjh”] waffle is made from yeast-leavened dough [not a batter] and specially imported Belgian pearl sugar,” according to The Waffle Lab’s website. “Baked at the perfect temperature, the sugar pearls melt on the inside and caramelize on the outside for a sweet, delicate crunch.”

Yum! The sweetness and crunch of the waffle adds a whole new meaning to the classic chicken and waffles dish we’ve all come to know and love.

What do they put on these amazing waffles?

The Blue Sky Breakfast waffle piled high with eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado.
The Blue Sky Breakfast waffle is piled high with eggs, bacon, tomatoes and avocado. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

This waffle spot has everything you could ever want or wish for from a savvy diner, both sweet and savory waffles to delight your palette.

Their creations can be decorated heavily from Nutella and bananas, all the way to up to the “Blue Sky Breakfast.” This waffle is piled high with eggs, bacon and fresh vegetables galore.

If a cheesy, spicy breakfast tickles your fancy, maybe the “(I Love It When You Call Me) Big Poppa” is your dish of choice. The jalapeño and cheddar filled waffle almost resembles a grilled cheese more than a popular breakfast choice, but it will blow you away like no other.

They don’t only stick to waffles, either. The Lab creates scrambles, soups and salads as well. So no matter the time of day, there’s always something to munch on. There’s also a great variety of mimosas and Bloody Marys, because, of course, it isn’t brunch without one.

scramble at The Waffle Lab and cup of coffee
Create your own scramble at The Waffle Lab and get a cup of coffee too, delicious. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

Okay, but is it hip? Is it with the times? Is it #instaworthy?

Jackson Longwell enjoys a sweet bite at The Waffle Lab.
Jackson Longwell enjoys a sweet bite at The Waffle Lab. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

With humorous dish names and a hip setting, this restaurant is set up with a funky vibe for brunchers looking for a restaurant they don’t have to wait in a line for.

Jackson Longwell, a sophomore horticulture and landscape architecture major at Colorado State University, was pleased with his experience at The Waffle Lab. “The service was unmatched, the food was unforgettable and the setting was just cozy enough to make me feel at home without being overwhelmingly laid back and lazy,” Logwell said.

The eatery is laid out with booths and a community style table in the middle, inviting an open, happy vibe for everyone, including the staff. The servers are always full of laughter and happy to help with any variations to the food and drink menus.

funky lights in Waffle Lab interior
The funky lights in the restaurant give off an open, happy vibe. Photo credit: Katie Mitchell

The Waffle Lab is open during funky hours, to match their out-of-the-box interior as well. Open at 8 a.m. every day, they alternate closing hours throughout the week: closing at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays and closing at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They are completely closed on Mondays.

For more information about The Waffle Lab and to see their full menu, visit their website: www.thewafflelab.com