Where To Go and What To Wear For Your Graduation Pictures


Senior, Morgan Fitzke, chooses to get her graduation pictures taken in front of the CSU administrative building on the oval. Photo credit: Missy Miller


With busy weeks of class projects, finals and graduation just around the corner, remembering to get graduation announcement photos done may just be another added stress to the daily schedule. If this sounds like you, we have got your back with some tips and tricks on where to go and what to wear for a quick graduation photo shoot.


Trying to find the perfect destination to get the pictures taken can be tough, but Colorado State University and Fort Collins have a variety of great places to go.

  1. Some people feel inclined to follow the tradition of many prior graduating students by getting their pictures taken at the Oval. The Oval offers an array of photographic opportunities with its lush green grass, grand trees and the scene-establishing CSU administrative building. “My pictures here turned out great,” Morgan Fitzke said, a senior studying business management. “We used the steps to the [administrative] building and the sidewalk in the oval for our shots, and being on campus just made sense for graduation photos. It’s a beautiful spot on campus that encompasses CSU in a picture.”
  2. Another great spot for getting pictures taken is, of course, Horsetooth Reservoir. While it may not have the same CSU spirited theme to it, Horsetooth and its surrounding landscape provide a wonderful space for photography. Getting pictures done early in the morning after sunrise or late in the evening just before sunset will create a soft golden tone to your graduation photos. If Horsetooth is somewhere you often found yourself spending time throughout your college years, this location is perfect for capturing and prolonging those memories.
  3. Old Town is also a wonderful spot with a multitude of options for photos. Whether using the quaint streets, alleys, artistic walls or fountains as the background, it is hard to go wrong. Old Town is such a unique part of Fort Collins with tremendous aesthetic. You are also able to walk to many different locations in town for a change of scenery or backgrounds during your shoot.

What to Wear

For the 2018 graduates, CSU will have caps and gowns available on May 9 at the earliest. This means that, unless you plan on ordering and distributing graduation announcements just days before graduation, you will need something other than the CSU regalia for your photoshoot outfit. Luckily, CSU senior fashion major, Lexi Fahoury, is helping guide us in what to wear for these special pictures.

Fahoury suggests that a nice or fancy outfit is a safe bet when getting graduation pictures taken. Wear an outfit that showcases your accomplishments and that celebrates the milestone that you are about to achieve. Styles for this outfit may include sundresses, skirts, suits or a button-down and khakis.

It is encouraged to bring a change of clothes that suit your comfortable side. It may also be a fun idea to bring some CSU-spirited gear that can showcase your pride for your school. “Display your personal style and who you are,” Fahoury said.

Now, reach out to local photographers or artistic friends and get the ball rolling on those graduation photos. Make the parents happy, do not wait until it is too late.