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How Students Can Cope With Missing Their Dogs at Home

Trevor holds his princess Penny in his home, the Honors hall. Photo credit: Kelly Peterson
Ask a family member to bring them up to Fort Collins for a weekend visit. Photo credit: Mackenzie Boltz

College can be a stressful time: you have left your home, your parents, your friends and most importantly, your dog. Erin McMahon, a sophomore studying English at Colorado State University, is battling the struggling of missing her dog alongside many other students.

“I have a Rottweiler named Josie,” McMahon said. “It’s really sad and I think Josie’s sad too because she keeps on wandering into my room.”

Leaving your dog at home can be the equivalent of saying goodbye to a best friend. It is hard. Here are some tips to help you survive the school year until you get the chance to see your furry friend again.

  1. Ask a family member for doggy updates. Staying in the know will help you feel connected with your dog as if you were still there. The worst part of being away can be missing the funny moments.
  2. Stay positive. Although you are not right there with your dog every day, they will not forget you. This furry best friend loves you and can not wait to see you again. Remember, you are not the only sad one, your dog is sad too.
  3. Bring your dog to campus. If your family can bear to give them up for a little while, this is a way to show your pupper off to your friends and let your them explore your new life.
  4. Video chat with your dog. When you find the time to Skype your family, make sure to ask to see your dog. Even though your dog probably cannot understand you via the computer, they can still hear your voice. As mentioned before, being positive is the most important thing. Your puppy will get so excited just to hear my voice.

Missing your dog is hard, but it can be easier if you look on the bright side. Dogs are so special. When you have time to spend with them, make every moment last!

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