Local Jewelry Business Creators Spread Good Energy Through Their Creative Pieces


Bella Luna Treasures Co-owner Amber Brill models some of her homemade jewelry Oct. 14. Brill often models for the company, along with running the company alongside co-owner Hailey Sorensen. (AJ Frankson | Collegian)


If you have seen stylish bracelets, necklaces or rings on Colorado State University’s students, they are more than likely from the Colorado-based jewelry company Bella Luna Treasures.

Hailey Sorensen and Amber Brill are founders of Bella Luna Treasures and their jewelry is above the rest.

Amber Brill, one of the owners of Bella Luna Treasures, poses in Teatulia Tea Bar Oct. 14. She started Bella Luna Treasures along with her friend and business partner Hailey Sorensen. The two now make and sell jewelry online. (AJ Frankson | Collegian)

Where did it all begin?

“Hailey and I met in high school and became friends outside of class,” Brill said. “After I started college at the Metropolitan State of Denver, I decided school wasn’t for me. One day, I told Hailey I wanted to start a business and she was completely down for it. Our main goal was to spread good vibes which resonated with rave kandi. Our first products were similar to kandi in certain ways, but kind of evolved into everyday wear for both girls and boys.”

How were you able to turn your vision into a tangible business?

“Hailey’s mom was a really big help, she was our first investor,” Brill said. “She helped us legitimize the company’s name with an LLC and she pitched in a couple hundred dollars so we could buy materials. Our friend Anna was a supporter as well because she would help us find venues to set up pop-up shops.”

Who is your target market?

“That’s a tough one, of course we want to sell to everybody,” Brill said. “But I would say people in our age range; from teens to twenties. More so festival people, because we make the pieces ourselves and they’re our style as well.”

Bella Luna Treasures co-owner Amber Brill models some of her company’s jewelry Oct. 14. Each piece is handmade and carefully made to have a unique yet fashionable look. (AJ Frankson | Collegian)

How do you plan on reaching people outside of the Denver area?

“Social media is the biggest way to reach out,” Brill said. “We had our first out-of-state customer about six months into the business. It was awesome to have a complete stranger to be like, ‘I want one! I’ll buy it from you.'”

On your website you sell boxes full of beautiful pieces, where did that idea stem from?

“It is about the whole experience; it’s another aspect of our company,” Brill said. “We want people to create a moment in time they’ll remember forever and a lot of it was about gifting. The boxing part came in when we figured out we could go to Goodwill, and find amazingly in-shape boxes for very good prices. Everything is unique, upcycled and eco-friendly. It’s a good selling point to be authentic and to be earth conscious, so we wanted to use that as a value of our company. That’s what sets us apart from other companies.”

These girls are boss babes who have turned a vision into a flourishing success. The pieces are handmade and are sold at a reasonable cost so college students can afford them. Join the #GoodVibeTribe for an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

You can visit their website at bellalunatreasure.com. Find them on Instagram at bellalunatreasures.