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Exploring New Tacos

There are more tacos to try in Fort Collins than you might think. Photo credit: Benjamin Chang

If you’re looking to try some unique tacos in Fort Collins, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of four of the best taquerias and innovative taco spots in Fort Collins, all providing their own spin on the original street taco.

Tortillas Las Cuatro Americas

Tortillas Las Cuatro tacos
Tortillas Las Cuatro Americas offers arguably the most authentic tacos in town. Photo credit: Mackenzie Boltz

Right off of College and Prospect lays a small, Mexican restaurant that is distinguished in Fort Collins by its authenticity. As you walk into Tortillas Las Cuatro Americas you are faced with two options: one, order your food right away and find a seat in their cozy restaurant to the right; or two, browse around the bakery and grocery area to the left. From homemade bread to authentic Mexican grocery items, you are sure to find something new to try and fall in love with. The bakery has become a popular attraction because you can literally smell the fresh bread as you walk through the door. Even with limited food items on their menu, Diego Lopez-Duran, a junior at Colorado State University studying economics, said, “The food served here is legitimately Mexican food and the fact they make their own tortillas and bread gives the food flavor that cannot be mimicked.”

Ordering at Tortillas Las Cuatro Americas is easy. Pick what kind of meat that you are in the mood for, and then choose how you want it served. Taco, burrito, quesadilla, tamales, they have it all. Want homemade chile salsa? They have that too.

Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's Tacos 'trashy' taco
Make sure you try Torchy’s Tacos ‘trashy’ by replacing lettuce with green chile queso. Photo credit: Mackenzie Boltz

If you are ready to have a flame lit inside of you, head over to Torchy’s Tacos. Located on College and Monroe, right next to the Foothills Mall. Just like the tacos, Torchy’s is a hot spot for lunch and dinner with friends or family. Their tacos range from the Trailer Park, which has fried chicken, to the plain and simple chicken or beef fajitas. If you decide to go with the Trailer Park, make sure to try it “trashy style,” which is replacing the lettuce with green chile queso. “I’ve been to a lot of taco places, but Torchy’s Tacos is one of the best by far and the tacos definitely have a kick,” said Brittany Berman, a freshmen Biomedical Science major at Colorado State University.

Right when you walk into Torchy’s you are immersed into the cool vibe of the restaurant with unique lighting fixtures and colorful walls. If you haven’t eaten at Torchy’s Tacos, yet, you’re missing out on a taco experience that will blow your taste buds away. If you are worried you will not find something you enjoy, Torchy’s Tacos motto is that there is “a taco for every appetite.”

La Luz Mexican Grill

La Luz is everything you could want when satisfying a craving for some delicious tacos. Their perfect location on the corner of Walnut and College amidst the beautiful lights of Old Town makes for a perfect evening out. The tacos are a colorful medley of flavor and delicious ingredients combined to create a dining experience like no other. The restaurant itself is decorated with funky pop art and festive music, no matter the season or time of day. Paired with one of their many tequilas or one of their salsas from the salsa bar, an evening out with friends has the opportunity to take a much more festive turn.

This establishment does it all: fish, chicken, steak, even vegetarian, so no matter how many people are in your group, everyone will find something to enjoy. An Phan, Biochemistry sophomore at Colorado State University said, “The shrimp tacos were really good for the price, and I would definitely go back with my friends again.” Their four most loved street tacos: the Tempura Avocado, their Al Pastor, Pescado and Carne Asada all bring comfort and intrigue to the taste buds as you chow down.


Damn Good Tacos

Dam Good Tacos open taco
Dam Good Tacos has some great vegan options that you should definitely try next time you visit. Photo credit: Mackenzie Boltz

If you want to talk about some damn good tacos, then head down to Dam Good Tacos located in the Dalzell Alley off of Laurel Street. Dam Good Tacos flaunts a robust interior and shares walls with Algiers, local hookah bar, and The Alley Cat, hoppin’ coffee shop.

Cooped up in the back, a cast of cooks prepares some of the most widely unique tacos to the Fort Collins area. With flavors ranging from the Tofu Thai Taco’s peanut sauce to the Earth Wind & Fire’s sweet potato puree, Dam Good Tacos definitely has a tantalizing selection to choose from. Not only does this place run rampant in the realm of tasty tacos, but their decadent drinks charm you immediately as well. The Spicy Chocolate Horchata holds a special place in hearts for providing a sweet sensation, while also giving you kick of spice. “DGT’s menu has been described as spicy, wholesome, and zesty,” said Gracie Moore, sophomore International Studies major. You will be seat locked after any good dining combination of tacos and drinks from this jivin’ establishment.

Check out this article in print for some taco recommendations.

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