The Alley Cat Cafe – Place to Study


The paintings featured on the ceilings and walls belong customers and local Fort Collins artists. Photo credit: Audrey Potter


The Alley Cat Cafe painting
Customers are welcomed by a mural painted on the outside of the Alley Cat Cafe. Photo credit: Audrey Potter

The Alley Cat Cafe is a coffee shop that is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is located near downtown Fort Collins, right across campus and hidden in an alley; hence the name.

The coffee house has a perfect location, and due to it’s hours, college students who need to pull an all-nighter can go to get some homework done in this cozy spot.

Alley Cat Cafe offers an assortment of coffees, sandwiches, and baked pastries, all of which are offered fresh. The coffee is locally roasted and organic from Jackie’s Java in Fort Collins.

Lunch sandwiches are served on fresh baked, vegan focaccia bread with an different side options including: carrots, humus or an assortment of chips. There is also even an option of gluten free bread.

Pastries are baked fresh daily, the cafe offers vegan baked goods that people can choose from as well.


An Assortment of Baked Goods
Pastries are baked fresh each day. Photo credit: Audrey Potter

Alley Cat Cafe also serves smoothies and shakes. The smoothies are made with 100% real fruit and have no added sugars.

Students are sure to find something to fit their cravings here while they are studying away.

People pop in and out throughout the day, either sitting down to socialize with a cup of coffee or to studying hard. Music is played through the speakers, but not loud enough to be too distracting for those who are working. This makes the coffee house a relaxing environment for students to come to when they need to get some work done.

The Chaco sandwich and Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie
Sandwich’s served with an option of humus and veggies or chips. The smoothies are also made of 100% real fruit. Photo credit: Audrey Potter

Board games are provided in the cafe for those who just want to have a good time with some friends. Artwork is also displayed on the ceiling and walls along the cafe, creating an interesting effect.

“The artwork is done by customers and local artists, because of that I feel like people who come here almost feel like they own a part of this place,” Jame Fuerte said, a barista at Alley Cat Cafe.

the Alley Cat Cafe interior
Student go to the Alley Cat Cafe to get work done at all hours of the day. Photo credit: Audrey Potter

Due to the coffee shop being always open, employees have to work late hours. “You have to be flexible, you have to be available to know what you’re doing,” Van, a barista at Alley Cat Cafe who’s been working at the shop for a year and a half, said. The staff is responsible for “keeping this place rolling, keeping it moving, keeping the customers happy and making sure everything can stay as ‘tip top’ as it can be.”

This 24/7 coffee shop is equipped with free WiFi and numerous places to sit. Making Alley Cat a perfect place for students to study.

The cafe encourages people to make new friends and share tables, you never know who you’re going to meet.