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Giving Antiques a New Purpose

Old Pots and Pans at Foothills Flea Market Photo credit: Fynn Bailey

Cameras, cabinets and candles. Not too many stores sell all three, but you can find those and so much more at our local flea markets.

Fort Collins is flush with flea markets. On South College Avenue there are half a dozen flea markets all along the street.

At flea markets, you can find just about anything you could be looking for. They are “an alternative choice to new,” said A & J Antique Mall owner Joann Malara. Because. Everything there is older and used, it all comes relatively cheap compared to what new items can cost at other stores.

“It’s like a fun treasure hunt.” — Stacy Ray, flea market frequenter

Do you ever get the urge to buy something new, but you just don’t have the cash to get anything? Well, in that case, why not get something old instead. For students with a tight budget, flea markets can be a great place to save money and still get items that otherwise would be luxuries. Such as film cameras or art for their apartment walls.

These stores can also become opportunities for creativity. “Find a new purpose for old things,” said Malara. Almost anything can repurposed in one way or another to fit into your life.

From full sized phone booths to lifetime collections of postcards, anyone can find something to capture their imagination in a flea market. The only downside of shopping at flea markets is the film of dust and rust everything seems to gain with age.

There are many ways these old items can be used in the pursuit of art. That includes old cameras, typewriters, normal art supplies and more off the wall art projects like postcards, to create a mural for example.

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  • White dress and ceramics at Foothills Flea Market. Photo credit: Fynn Bailey

  • Old Pots and Pans at Foothills Flea Market Photo credit: Fynn Bailey

  • Old chest and assorted goods at Itchy’s Flea Market. Photo credit: Fynn Bailey

Even with the age of all the items, people still have plenty of reasons why they shop at flea markets. “It’s like a fun treasure hunt,” said flea market frequenter Stacy Ray. “There is a variety of things, and there all at a good price.”

Stacy and her husband Bryan Ray have been going to the Fort Collins flea markets for years because of their low priced items that they can reuse to make new art. “Many of the things in flea markets are artistic, and you can find all kinds of good crafts things,” said Bryan Ray.

For Colorado State University students who are low on funds, but still needs something, why not go check out our local flea markets. You may just be surprised by what you can find.

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