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Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Students

Photo by Robinson Greig on Unsplash

Full-time students are busy: they attend classes, do homework, maintain social lives and participate in activities outside of class. Sometime in this busy schedule, they also need to find time to work and make some money.

All too often, full time college students are applying for and working at boring part-time jobs. This could be working in retail or as a waitress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking on people who work in these positions. Rent is important, after all. What I’m saying is that there are so many fun and active jobs in Fort Collins that students could be doing instead.

Physical activity built into your job is important for your health and for feeling good every day.

  • Active Photographer: spring and summer are coming up, which means that outdoor adventure companies are hiring. If you have any photography experience, try getting a job as a photographer for one of the many rafting companies in the area.
  • Backpacking Guide: Love the outdoors? Try your hand at being a backpacking guide! Take people into the mountains for the weekend on a trail you’ve known since you were little earn money doing what you already love.
  • Dog Walking: A lot of people do not have time to walk their dogs during the day, so look into some gigs running the trails with the furry friends of Fort Collins.

If a physically demanding job isn’t for you, there are also many mentally stimulating jobs around Fort Collins. Try mixing it up with a job that really inspires you to think and use that brain you’ve been paying so much to bulk up at school.

  • Mentor: Improve your karma and be a role model. Lots of communities and clubs around campus hire mentors and advisors for incoming freshmen. Try looking into the Living Communities around campus and applying for their mentorship positions.
  • Teaching Assistant: Did you enjoy a class so much you want to take it again? Apply to be a teacher’s assistant. Being a TA is something that enables you to have an even greater understanding of a subject and a chance to build important connections with professors. Score.
  • Nanny: Did you ever aspire to be Nanny McPhee? Now is your chance! Playing with kids, helping with homework, cooking and helping with laundry are all great ways to earn a little extra cash. Try signing up with a nannying website such as to get in contact with parents looking for help.

So, dear broke friends, this does not need to be the semester of boring jobs. Take action and find a job that brings you joy and inspiration!

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