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The front steps of a classroom in Sin Chai village

Your Pics With African Children Do Not Make You Cultured

Lexi Elio January 29, 2018

“This one’s my favorite, where he’s pulling the wrapper over his face,” my travel companion gushes. She shows me the photos taken from our brief stop at a school while trekking through Sapa, Vietnam,...

Photo credit: Lexi Elio

24 Hours in Torgome Village, Ghana

Lexi Elio November 3, 2017

If you ever use a squat toilet in a rural village, I highly recommend you cuff your pants and watch your step. If a door is ajar, still knock before attempting to enter because an older woman may be occupying...

marijuana plants

5 Steps of the Creative Process Inside a Dispensary

Lexi Elio April 17, 2017

I wanted to make a video so badly. My professors constantly remind me that video is an essential skill for capturing the modern audience. Many other students in my program are already producing this 21st...

The Mayor of Old Town offers 100 beers on tap from a wide range of areas including Europe, Canada, Hawaii, the continental US, and many local breweries. Photo credit: Lexi Elio

Hidden Beer Bar Gem

Lexi Elio April 12, 2017

Tucked behind the Alleycat Cafe are a number of parking spaces reserved for The Mayor of Old Town -- but they aren't for a Fort Collins official. Rather, The Mayor of Old Town is a beer bar that prides...

6Degrees performing their Gods and Monsters show at the Bug Theatre. Photo by John Kyler of Digital Colorado.

6Degrees of Community

Lexi Elio April 7, 2017

Leah Casper's home sings as loud as she does. Rubber eyeballs stare vacantly from atop a bookshelf. Upturned umbrellas turned jellyfish hang from the ceiling above a large keyboard. Casper is a local...

social media, twitter app icon on phone screen

Five Twitter Accounts to Balance Your News Diet

Lexi Elio March 20, 2017

The saturation of media on the internet makes it difficult to differentiate fake news from cold, hard facts. Most internet-users are savvy enough to check information's source by now, but are still stumped...

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Engineers Bring Tech of the Future To Life

Lexi Elio March 2, 2017

While unusually warm winter weather brings campus to life, students sit huddled around computers beneath the engineering building. This dim basement lab houses some of Colorado State University's most...

Salon manager Teri Clark gives a customer a blowout.

Tips & Tricks With Ulta Beauty

Lexi Elio February 23, 2017

Beauty mavens in Fort Collins have long been relegated to Sally Beauty and the Walgreens. Skimpy selection no more -- Ulta offers a sea of products in addition to a full service salon and dermatology bar. The...

crepe with whipped cream and orange slice on top

La Creperie Serves Sweet French Breakfast

Lexi Elio February 22, 2017

Campus has a thriving brunch culture, which means every weekend morning holds potential for bottomless mimosas and breakfast desserts. La Creperie & Bakery, the only French restaurant in Fort Collins,...

Isaac Slade plays the piano and sings

The Fray Returns Home

Lexi Elio November 30, 2016

While The Fray has risen to international acclaim, few know the band actually started in Denver. American rock band The Fray played two shows in Colorado, one on Friday at the Fox Theatre in Boulder and...

Photo by Lexi Elio

Slow Food is the new fast food

Lexi Elio November 10, 2016

Every night before bed, students set a series of iPhone alarms dictating various amounts of time to get ready in the morning. After sleeping through almost all of them, they sprint to catch the bus before...

Mildred the black chicken

Picking Up a New Kind of Chick

Lexi Elio September 22, 2016

The McGeehans stir in their sleep as the sun just begins to peek over the horizon. They've been awoken by a soft crowing. The sound doesn't belong to any predators, just Agnes, head chicken in the pecking...

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